Harmony Precure
General Information
Director(s)Chinatsu Kiseki
Original Run2026
Opening SongLet's Play! Harmony Precure!
Ending SongMiraculous Adagio
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PredecessorTwinkling Smile Precure
SuccessorRoyale! Go Princess Precure!

Harmony Precure (ハーモニープリキュア Hāmonīpurikyua) is the ninth fan-series created by Chinatsu Kiseki. The series motis are music, dreams and hope.




Mori Aika (森あいか Mori Aika?)/Cure Sinfonia (キュアシンフォニア Kyuashinfonia?)

The lead cure of the season and the missing Princess of the Harmony Kingdom. She is very good at singing and wishes to become an excellent singer however, she has terrible stage fright and is very shy. Her cure alter ego is Cure Sinfonia, who represents the harmony of love and her theme colour is pink.

Hayashi Lyra (林ライラ Hayashi Raira?)/Cure Crescendo (キュアクレッシェンド Kyuakuresshendo?)

The sportier cure of the season and Aika's best friend. She is not that good at studying unlike Aika. Her cure alter ego is Cure Crescendo, who represents the harmony of courage and her theme colour is blue.

Chinen Makoto (知念誠 Chinen Makoto?)/Cure Pitch (キュアピッチ Kyuapitchi?)

A very popular idol and Aika's inspiration. She is extremely good at singing and is world famous. Her cure alter ego is Cure Pitch, who represents the harmony of faith and her theme colour is yellow.

Mori Cadence (森ケイデンス Mori keidensu?)/Cure Tune (キュアチューン Kyua chūn?)

The princess of the Harmony Kingdom who was sent to Earth to find the Precure. She is Aika's long lost sister. Her cure alter ego is Cure Tune, who represents the harmony of hope and her theme colour is purple.

Minazuki Hibiki (水無月響 Minazuki Hibiki?)/Cure Siren (キュアサイレン Kyuasairen?)

A mysterious girl who is the reincarnation of the Queen of Harmony. Her cure alter ego is Cure Siren, who represents the song of the mermaids and her theme colour is red.

Mori Yume (森夢 Mori Yume?)/Soaring Encore (ソアリングアンコール soaringuankōru?)

A girl who appears later in the series. It is revealed that she is Aika's future daughter and that she came to the past seeking the Symphony Jewel. Her alter is Soaring Encore, who represents the dream's melody.and her theme colour is green

Harmony Kingdom

Melody (メロディー Merodī?)

Aika's transformation partner.

Adagio (アダージョ Adājo?)

Lyra's tranformation partner.

Chord (コード Kōdo?)

Makoto's transformation partner.

Echo (エコー Ekō?)

Cadence's transformation partner.

Aria (アリア Aria?)

Hibiki's transformation partner.


Silence (サイレンス Sairensu?)

The main antagonist of the season. She wants to spread despair around the world. She was the one who created the silent cures.

Quiet (クアイエツト Kuwaietto?)

Silence's right hand man and son. He shows deep respect to Silence as her son and wants to destroy the cures in anyway possible.

The Evil Songs - A group of people who attacks the cures.

  • Minor (マイナー Mainā?) - The first to attack the cures
  • Sonata (ソナタ Sonata?) - The second to attack the cures
  • Finale (フィナーレ Fināre?) - The third to attack the cures
  • Baroque (バロック Barroku?) - The fourth and the final one to attack the cures

The Silent Precure (サイレントプリキュア Sairentopurikyua?) - The evil versions of the cures who attack the cures in episode 30. They are basically the cures opposites:

  • Silent Harmonica (サイレント・ハーモニカ Sairento hāmonika?) - Harmonica's evil counterpart
  • Silent Crescendo (サイレントクレッシェンド Sairentokuresshendo?) - Crescendo's evil counterpart
  • Silent Pitch (サイレントピッチ Sairentopitchi?) - Pitch's evil counterpart
  • Silent Tune (サイレント・チューン Sairento chūn?) - Tune's evil counterpart
  • Silent Siren (サイレントサイレン Sairentosairen?) - Siren's evil counterpart

Hurler (ハーラー Hārā?)

The main monster of the series. Their name is French for "To Scream".


  • Harmony Pact (ハーモニーパクト Hāmonīpakuto?) - The transformation item up to Hibiki. To transform, the cures must use this, have their fairy partners and say "Precure Harmony Overload!"
  • Encore Watch (アンコールウォッチ Ankōruu~otchi?) - The transformation item for Yume. To transform, Yume must use this and say "Encore Dream Wave!"
  • Forte Set (フォルテセット Forutesetto?) - A group of purification items that the cures use to purify Hurlers. Each one has their own name:
    • Sinfonia Flute (シンフォニアフルート Shinfoniafurūto?) - Sinfonia's purification item, It represents the Spirit of Love (愛の精神 Ai no Seishin?)
    • Crescendo Guitar (クレッシェンドギター Kuresshendogitā?) - Crescendo's purification item. It represents the Spirit of Courage (勇気の精神 Yūki no seishin?)
    • Pitch Harp (ピッチハープ Pitchihāpu?) - Pitch's purification item. It represents the Spirit of Faith (信仰の精神 Shinkō no seishin?)
    • Tune Clarinet (チューンクラリネット Chūnkurarinetto?) - Tune's purification item. It represents the Spirit of Hope (希望の精神 Kibō no seishin?)
    • Siren Lyre (サイレンリラ Sairenrira?) - Siren's purification item. It represents the Spirit of Song (歌の精神 Uta no seishin?)
    • Encore Falsetto (アンコールファルセット Ankōrufarusetto?) - Soaring Encore's purification item. It represents the Spirit of Future (未来の精神 Mirai no seishin?)
  • Symphony Hearts (シンフォニーハーツ Shinfonīhātsu?) - The main collectible items of the series and also trigger the girls transformation when inserted into the Harmony Pact (or the Encore Watch for Yume). There are 50 in total. Each one has their own power as well as name. The Symphony Hearts that trigger the transformations are:
    • Heart of Love (愛のハート Ai no hāto?) - This Symphony Heart holds the power of Love and triggers Aika's transformation
    • Heart of Courage (勇気のハート Yūki no hāto?) - This Symphony Heart holds the power of Courage and triggers Lyra's transformation
    • Heart of Faith (信仰のハート Shinkō no hāto?) - This Symphony Heart holds the power of Faith and triggers Makoto's transformation
    • Heart of Hope (希望のハート Kibō no hāto?) - This Symphony Heart holds the power of Hope and triggers Cadence's transformation
    • Heart of Song (歌のハート Uta no hāto?) - This Symphony Heart holds the power of Song and triggers Hibiki's transformation
    • Heart of Future (未来のハート Mirai no hāto?) - This Symphony Heart holds the power of Future and triggers Yume's transformation
  • Symphony Chest (シンフォニーチェスト Shinfonīchesuto?) - The place where the Symphony Hearts are stored.
  • Symphony Jewel (シンフォニージュエル Shinfonījueru?) - The legendary jewel that is said to grant wishes and dreams to the people of both the Harmony Kingdom and the inhabitants of the "Land of Melodies" (Cadenza City). This has been in Aika's possession ever since she found it in the Diamond Cave when she was five.


Cadenza City (カデンツァシティー Kadentsu~ashiti?)

The main setting of the season

Harmony Kingdom (ハーモニー王国 Hāmonī ōkoku?)

The kingdom that was attacked by Silence and her minions 11 years prior to the series events

Diamond Cave (ダイヤモンド洞窟 Daiyamondo dōkutsu?)

The cave where Aika found the Symphony Jewel. Aika always goes there to clear her mind of worries and troubles. It is said that the Diamond Cave talks to wounded travellers or worried children in there and heals their wounds or clears their worries


  • This shares many similarities with Flower Precure, another Chinatsu Kiseki season:
    • The lead cure is the missing princess of the certain kingdom (Flower Precure: Flower Kingdom, Harmony Precure: Harmony Precure)
    • Both seasons start with 4 cures, with the same colours as well
    • Both lead cures are the student council president of their school
    • Both blue cures aren't good at studying, instead being sports
    • Both yellow cures are new to their school
    • Both purple cures (white in Flower Precure's case) are the lead cures sister
    • Both have a female villian, with their right hand man being their son (adoptive in Flower Precure)
    • They both have evil versions of the main cures