Hayashi Haru
Hayashi Haru
Personal Info
SeasonSugar Precure

Magical Girl

Birthday20th June
Hair Color Black


Eye Color Green


FamilyHayashi Sakura (mother)

Hayashi Mokoto (father)

Hayashi Hiroki (older brother)

Home PlaceAmai Hills
First AppearanceSPC01
Voice Actor(s)Nishimura Chinami
Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Bubblegum


WeaponBubblegum Ribbon
Theme Color pink

Hayashi Haru (林春 Hayashi Haru?) is the lead cure of Sugar Precure. She loves cooking and is very smart. Although she may not seem like it, she is very lonely until she meets Nao. the princess of the Sugar Kingdom and Smoothie. Her cure alter ego is Cure Bubblegum (キュアバブルガム kyuababurugamu?), the sweet of happiness and love whose theme colour is pink. Her catchphrase is My love will bake treats of happiness! (私の愛は、幸福のお菓子を焼くます! Watashi no ai wa, kōfuku no okashi o yakumasu!?)


Meeting Akagi Nao and Smoothie

As Haru was walking from Cooking Club, a girl and a small animal-like creature fell out of the sky and landed in front of Haru. Haru, worried about the girl, nursed the girl back to health as well as the animal-like fairy. The girl introduced herself as Princess Sugar Delight Nao. Confused, Haru bombarded Nao with questions. After Nao answers them all, Bitter attacks the two and Nao transforms into Cure Cola to fight the Nigami.

Becoming Cure Bubblegum

As Haru hid from the fight between Cola and the Nigami, Smoothie came to her and gave her a Sugar Commune. Haru recognized what it was and declined it. However, after Cola was being defeated by the Nigami, Haru's eyes shimmered and finally accepted the Sugar Commune. After the transformation, Haru became Cure Bubblegum!


As a civilian, Haru has long black hair tied up into a ponytail and green eyes. Her winter outfit consists of a long-sleeve pink top, a dark blue skirt, white tights and pink flats
Hayashi Haru

As Cure Bubblegum, her hair grows longer and shifts from brown to pink. Part of her hair is a wavy side-ponytail while the rest hangs down her back. Her uniform consists of a light pink top with a pink ribbon it. The skirt has a petal-like pattern on the bottom. On the skirt is a brooch where her Sugar Commune is. Her boots are light pink and have dark pink highlights on the bottom. Her eyes also change colour from green to pink
Cure Bubblegum


She loves cooking and is very smart. Although she may not seem like it, she is very lonely until she meets Nao. the princess of the Sugar Kingdom and Smoothie.


Hayashi Sakura - Haru gets along well with her mother however Sakura never notices Haru's loneliness due to Haru acting very positive.

Hayashi Makoto - As Haru's father, Makoto cares for Haru lots. However, as Makoto is always doing work, he never really spends time with Haru.

Hayashi Hiroki - Haru's older brother. He knows about Haru's loneliness but prefers to keep it a secret between the siblings

Cure Bubblegum

"The sweetness of happiness and love! Shining Bright, Cure Bubblegum!"
Shiawase to ai no ama-sa! Akaruku kagayaku, kyuababurugamu!

Cure Bubblegum (キュアバブルガム kyuababurugamu?) is Haru's Cure alter ego. In this form, Haru holds the power of happiness and love. Her main purification attack is Bubblegum Tornado in which she uses her Bubblegum Ribbon.



Hayashi (林) translates to forest

Haru (春) translates to spring

Therefore, her name translates to "Spring Forest"


Haru's voice actress, Nishimura Chinami, has participated in several image songs for the character she plays.


  • Haru shares the same voice actress with Aoki Reika from Smile Pretty Cure!
    • She also share some similarities
      • They are both the smartest in the team
      • They are respected deeply in their respective school
      • They are both the student council president of their school (Reika is the Vice-President)
  • According to Hickmanm herself, she made Cure Bubblegum and Cure Jelly's hair look like Pinkie Pie's from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic because when the cures are defeated in battle, the hair deflates like Pinkie Pie's does when she is sad