Heart-Throbbing Jewel Attack (ハートスロッビングジュエルアタック Hāto-Surobbingu Jueru Atakku) (or Sweet Heart Jewel Attack in the English Dub) is Cure Sunburst and Cure Moonbeam's first group attack with Shiny Luminous. It was first used in Episode 19, and requires the Cures to use the Cure Sky Sticks, the Luminous Heart Baton and the Sunshine, Moonlight and Lumiere Sky Jewel Keys.


The Cures summon their respective second Sky Jewel Key (Sunshine Key - Cure Sunburst; Moonlight - Cure Moonbeam; Lumiere Key - Shiny Luminous) and insert them into the Jewel Communes and the Touch Commune. This triggers their transformations into their second Forever Forms. The Cures then raise their arms up, and the Cure Sky Sticks and Luminous Heart Baton appear and fly into their hands. They then turn the Sticks and Baton into the Sunny Sky Arrow, the Moon Star Arrow and the Luminous Heart Arrow. The Cures pull the Arrow back, which causes a large golden heart to appear in front of them. They then release the trigger, and the heart explodes, causing a blast of pink, blue and yellow light to attack the enemy, purifying it.



Cure Sunburst: サンシャイン!

Cure Moonbeam: ムーンライト!

Shiny Luminous: リュミエール!

All: 3のパワー、喜びと輝き!

All: プリキュアハートスロッビングジュエルアタック!


Cure Sunburst: Sanshain!

Cure Moonbeam: Mūnraito!

Shiny Luminous: Ryumiēru!

All: Mittsu no pawā, yorokobi to kagayaki!

All: Purikyua Hāto-Surobbingu Jueru Atakku!


Cure Sunburst: Sunshine!

Cure Moonbeam: Moonlight!

Shiny Luminous: Lumiere!

All: The power of three, sparkle with joy!

All: Pretty Cure Heart-Throbbing Jewel Attack!

English Dub

Cure Sunburst: Power of Fire!

Cure Moonbeam: Power of Wishes!

Shiny Luminous: Power of Stars!

All: When three lights are united, great power is unleashed!

All: Pretty Cure Sweet Heart Jewel Attack!



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