Heart Crystal

The Heart Crystal (ハートクリスタル hātoKurisutaru) is a powerful weapon which belonged to a fairy Crystal, a powerful fairy who had beaten King Vengeance. But Crystal liked a lot Heart Crystal. But in spite of this, she gave this jewel to Precure. And thanks to this jewel and to Heart Pad, they saved the world


Precures which felt threatened by Fukushuu Zone decided to become stronger. Then Kira and Pety remembered of the Heart Crystal. It is the weapon which belongs to a very powerful fairy who had beaten King. The girls were very surprised to see that a fairy can overcome King. And as if by magic, Crystal appeared suddenly and took the girls in a dark place. Fukushuu of invisible fire waited for them. But Cure Ruby did not abandon and fought him thanks to the strength of the heart. Crystal felt the strength of their heart and their friendship and gave Heart Crystal to Cures. DPC38

Heart Crystal belonged to Cure Garnet. She gave it to Crystal during her( last fight against King Vengeance and before her death


It is heart-shaped multicolored. It is in Crystal so that it can shine during the attack. But when Precures falls in the despair and abandon, it loses its brightness and becomes a black stone heart.


Cures Attacks

Group attack

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