This is the episode list for Heartful Shine Pretty Cure.

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Saidai no yume! Kyua Rejendo no tanjō!
"The Biggest Dream! The Birth of Cure Legend!"
Black 2016-02-27

Akiyama Akiko, an energetic 14-year-old girl, moves into the town of Osaka with her family. When she arrives, she meets the sporty Tachibana Chiharu, the excitable Fukui Emiko and the courageous Nakamura Harumi. However, it is only Emiko who says hello, as the other two are busy with their clubs (which Akiko thinks that these are excuses). That night, Akiko dreams of a girl named Cure Love trying to defeat a large shadow covering a beautiful kingdom. The next day, Akiko spots that the rainbow was losing its colours. Later that day, a new villain named Black has seen the Heart Rainbow of a young boy, and the Heart Rainbow seemed to be fading. Black took the Heart Rainbow away from the boy, and changed into a Sakebi. The Sakebi attacked Akiko's school, and the little fairy Aika flew to Akiko, saying that she has had the dream of Cure Love, and that she has the power to defeat the Sakebi! Aika changes into a Shining Heart Necklace and puts herself around Akiko's neck. It's up to Akiko to save the school! But how will she do it?

Akiyama Akiko, Tachibana Chiharu, Fukui Emiko, Nakamura Harumi, Cure Love, Aika, Black, Akiyama Elizabeth and Akiyama Kaito all make their first appearances.

02 Saidai no pātona! Kyua Mirakuru tōjō!
"The Greatest Partner! Cure Miracle Appears!"
Grey 2016-03-04

Akiko has transformed into the Pretty Cure of Dreams, Cure Legend and has defeated the Sakebi and saved the young boy by using her attack, Blasting Legend. Aika tells Akiko that she is one of the legendary warriors, Pretty Cure. The next day, Chiharu keeps on bullying Akiko, but ends up getting sent to the headmistress' office. Emiko calms an upset Akiko down by using her jokes, but it doesn't seem to work. Aika keeps on telling Akiko to keep an eye out for the second Pretty Cure, and the only way that we will know is when that girl has had a dream about Cure Love. When Akiko asks Chiharu if she had any dreams about a girl trying to defend a kingdom, Chiharu said yes! Aika grew excited. Then a little orange fairy bumped on Chiharu's head, and the fairy calls herself Bunko. Emiko felt a little bit of despair because she didn't want to do her chores, but a villain called Grey came and stole Emiko's Heart Rainbow! Akiko transforms into Cure Legend and fights the Sakebi, but soon gets pinned to the ground. Chiharu (thankfully she didn't see Akiko transform) was watching the battle, and wanted to help. Bunko started glowing, and changed into a Shining Heart Necklace. Now Chiharu can transform into the Pretty Cure of Faith, Cure Miracle! Now together, Cure Legend and Cure Miracle must defeat the Sakebi! But can they do it?

Yoshida Minako, Bunko and Grey make their first appearances.

03 Mottomo kanpekina sumairu! Kyua Fantajī!
"The Most Perfect Smile! Cure Fantasy!"
Shadow 2016-03-11

Chiharu has apologized to Akiko for being so mean to her. Luckily Akiko forgave her, and the two become good friends. As the duo become closer to each other every day, Emiko grows jealous and thought that Akiko had found a new best friend. For a while, Akiko and Chiharu had thought that Emiko was a Pretty Cure, but with her losing her happiness, they decide that she isn't. Emiko wanders around Osaka, and comes face-to-face with a Sakebi and a new villain, Shadow. Aika and Bunko sensed that something was wrong, and Akiko and Chiharu transformed into Cure Legend and Cure Miracle. The two fight the Sakebi, but they aren't having any luck. Emiko discovered from Cure Legend that everyone can have more than one friend, and Cure Miracle adds that she and Legend aren't the best of friends, they only want to know more about each other and became friends. Emiko then realized that true happiness can be found in the darkest of times, and that it can also come from those she loves dearly. A little fairy named Chinatsu had circled Osaka, trying to find her mistress, and soon sensed that she was near two other Pretty Cures! Chinatsu flew down and met Emiko. Emiko started glowing, and changed into a Shining Heart Necklace. Cure Legend asked if she had any dreams about Cure Love, and, to everyone's surprise, Emiko said she did! Now Emiko can transform into a Pretty Cure, the Pretty Cure of Happiness, Cure Fantasy! With her attack, Fantasy Hurricane, the Sakebi returned to a Heart Rainbow, and Akiko, Chiharu and Emiko all became good friends.

Chinatsu and Shadow make their first appearances.

04 Soshite, Kyua Sōru de wa kyūraku shite imasu!
"And Cure Soul Comes Plummeting In!"
Black 2016-03-18

Akiko, Chiharu and Emiko are excited to find the final two legendary warriors, the Pretty Cures of Courage and Wisdom. Chiharu soon gets a phone call from her soccer coach, who says that the team needs three more players since three of them are away sick. Chiharu picks Akiko and Emiko to be the substitutes. On the day of the match, Akiko, Chiharu and Emiko arrive on time, but they wonder who the final substitute is. Just then, Harumi appears and says that she's the other one. At half-time, a boy who has to sit out the next match falls in despair, and Black comes and takes his Heart Rainbow, and changes it into a Sakebi. Akiko, Chiharu and Emiko make sure they're out of sight and transform, and do their best to stop the Sakebi. But Cure Legend gets trapped in a net, Cure Miracle got hit with a soccer ball and the Sakebi keeps spinning Cure Fantasy around and around and doesn't care if she gets dizzy. Suddenly, Harumi comes and tries to help the girls, and shouts that no one hurts her teammates. A fairy named Emi flew down and started to glow, and changed into a Shining Heart Necklace. This means that Nakamura Harumi is a Chosen One! Now Harumi transforms into the Pretty Cure of Courage, Cure Soul! With her attack, Soul Strike, Cure Soul purified the Sakebi and changed it back into a Heart Rainbow. Harumi joined the girls, and that leaves just one more Pretty Cure to find!

Emi makes her first appearance.

05 Shinjirarenai! Sore Kyua Rabu wa arimasu ka?
"Unbelievable! Is that Cure Love?"
Darkilia 2016-03-25

Akiko, Chiharu, Emiko and Harumi cannot wait until they find the final Pretty Cure. However, the fairies tell the girls that she was discovered long before Akiko. She was the girl of their dreams, Cure Love herself! The girls are walking to school the next day, and they encounter the school's Student Council President, Yoshida Minako. Minako seems very strict and kind, but also very distant. Soon, when they are all at school, they hear a voice yelling that they want to defeat the Pretty Cure! Akiko, Chiharu, Emiko and Harumi discover that the voice was coming from their enemy's daughter, Darkilia. The girls transform into Cure Legend, Cure Miracle, Cure Fantasy and Cure Soul, but it seems as if Darkilia is too powerful for them. Just after each of them de-transformed, a brilliant blue light comes and attacks Darkilia. The blue light changed into a girl wearing Pretty Cure uniform. It was none other than Cure Love herself. Can the girls defeat Darkilia with Cure Love helping them?

Darkilia makes her first appearance.

06 Kanojo no kabā ga fuki! Kyua Rabu no shōtai!
"Her Cover Blown! The Identity Of Cure Love!"
Black 2016-04-02
The five Cures eventually defeated Darkilia, forcing her to flee the scene. Akiko asks Cure Love to join them, but Cure Love says she is like a lone wolf, refusing to take the help of others. The next day, Akiko notices that Minako is looking down. Minako tells her that she received some help from a few people, but she refused them and now Minako thought that the people may hate her. Akiko asks wo the people were, but Minako won't tell. Harumi suggests that Minako may be a minion of the enemy. Suddenly, Black arrives and takes the Heart Rainbow off of a little girl and turned it into a Sakebi, hoping to lure Cure Love out. Cure Love does come, but gets wound up in trouble. Akiko, Chiharu, Emiko and Harumi transform and help Cure Love. Black blasts dark beams to the Pretty Cures, and one of them hit Cure Love. She then de-transformed, into Minako! The Pretty Cures were shocked, but they defeated Black and restores the Heart Rainbow to the little girl. Cure Legend asks about Minako's past, and she agrees.
07 Minako-san no namida! Sore wa kanojo no kakomashita . . .
"Minako's Tears! That Was Her Past . . ."
Grey 2016-04-09

Minako shares her past, and during the story, she starts to tear up, and at the end, Minako starts to cry. Akiko, Chiharu, Emiko and Harumi were horrified about what happened to her. Minako thens says that she dreams of reviving her kingdom, and wanted to do it herself. Akiko says that people can't do anything when you're alone, so she asks if Minako would join the Heartful Shine Pretty Cure team. Minako thinks about it, but before she could reply, Grey arrives and steals the Heart Rainbow off of a teenage boy, and turns it into a Sakebi. With Cure Love's attack, Love Blizzard, the Cures defeat the Sakebi and return the Heart Rainbow to the boy. The Cures de-transform, and Minako tells them her answer: she finally agrees to join the team! Now all 5 Pretty Cures are gathered and prepared for battle. But Aika says that there's only one Pretty Cure who would train them, the Pretty Cure of Luck, Cure Amaze!

Hana makes her first appearance.


Erizabesu VS Akiko! Anata wa Kyua Amaizu iru ka?!

"Elizabeth VS Akiko! You Are Cure Amaze?!

Shadow 2016-04-16

The girls are all at Akiko's house, talking about the Pretty Cure who would train them, Cure Amaze. Akiko's mother, Akiyama Elizabeth, had brought in snacks. But somehow she had heard about Cure Amaze. Chiharu gets a little angry, but Elizabeth decides to explain. Ever since she met Akiko's father, Elizabeth had been Cure Amaze! Everyone was shocked, but Minako had known her even before she told the truth. Elizabeth decides to set a series of challenges to see if they were worthy enough.


Erizabesu hatsu chosen! Anata wa hontoni kachigaru?

"Elizabeth's First Challenge! Are You Really Worthy?"

Black 2016-04-23

Elizabeth tests the girls to see if they were worthy of being Pretty Cures. She has help with her fairy partner, Crystal, to create a monster that the Cures must defeat to pass the first test. Each of them are struggling, but Black shows up and steals the Heart Rainbow off of a boy who was falling in despair, and turned it into a Sakebi. The Cures do their best to defeat it, but it seems as strong as that monster. Elizabeth smiles at Cure Legend, and she then realises that in order to defeat the Sakebi, they must combine their powers and hearts as one. Finally, the Cures defeated the Sakebi and returned the Heart Rainbow to the boy. The girls de-transform, and Elizabeth says that they have passed the first test.

Crystal, Elizabeth's fairy partner, makes her first appearance.


Emiko no yakusoku! Watashi wa anata o uchi makasu!

"Emiko's Promise! I Will Defeat You!"

Grey 2016-04-30

Emiko gets a little worried, because she can't seem to defeat Grey. She starts training and being on a diet to help herself get stronger, but as she stays up late at night, she worries the girls. Akiko tries to talk to Emiko to make her see sense, but Emiko refuses. Emiko soon gets sick, and a Sakebi attacks, controlled by Grey himself. The girls transform without Emiko, but they seem to be struggling without all Cures there to fight. Emiko arrives and transforms, and suddenly, with their hearts and powers combining again, the Cures perform their group attack, Lovely Five Eruption, and purifies the Sakebi. Grey escapes before they can purify him, but the Cures don't know that someone special has been watching them, by the name of Fujimoto Akari.

Fujimoto Akari makes her first appearance.


Watashi no yume no kekkonshiki! Yuaza wa, sukinamono ni narudeshou ka?

"The Wedding of my Dreams! What Will Yours Be Like?"

Shadow 2016-05-06

The girls are all eating together, and Elizabeth brings in snacks for them. Suddenly, Harumi states that she wants to know how Elizabeth and Akiko's father met. Elizabeth smiles and agrees to tell the story, and also tells about her wedding. She then asks everyone what their dream weddings are. Minako says that she wants a wedding in the revived Shiny Rainbow Land, Harumi wants a traditional wedding, Emiko wants a party-type wedding, Chiharu wants a wedding on the beach and Akiko wants a Winter Wonderland wedding. Then Shadow attacks with a Sakebi, and with the power of their love, the Cures purify the Sakebi.


Motto purikyua no chimu ga arimasu?! Amerika no junbi o nyushu!

"There Are More Pretty Cure Teams?! Get Ready For America!"

Shadow 2016-05-15

The girls hear from Elizabeth that there are Pretty Cures from around the world other than the Heartful Shine Pretty Cure, and says that she has arranged a meeting with the American Pretty Cure. Akiko wants to find a way to welcome them, and each of them suggest a 'Welcome To Japan' party. Everyone starts preparing for the party, when Shadow suddenly attacks with a Sakebi, and while the Cures are fighting, Elizabeth spots the plane that the American Pretty Cure team are on. Finally, the Cures defeat the Sakebi and returned the Heart Rainbow to the person, and just in time for them to finish preparing the party when the American Pretty Cure, the Lovely Heart Pretty Cure, arrive at Akiko's house.

The Lovely Heart Pretty Cure make their first appearances.


Nihon e yokoso! Raburi Hato Purikyua!

"Welcome To Japan! Lovely Heart Pretty Cure!"

Black 2016-05-22


Chiharu no kyofu! Watashi wa sore ni chokumen suru koto ga dekimasu...Osoraku.

"Chiharu's Fear! I Can Face It...Probably."

Grey 2016-05-29


Akari no himitsu! Tsumari, jissai ni wa to~urudesu?!

"Akari's Secret! Is That Actually True?!"

Shadow 2016-06-05


Harumi no okina tsuitachi! Soko ni wa nai akiramemasen yo!

"Harumi's Big Day! There's No Giving Up!"

Black 2016-06-12


Gokigenyou! Shieru Etowaru Purikyua!

"Good Day! Ciel Etoiles Pretty Cure!"

Grey 2016-06-19


Minako-san no sapuraizu! Biggu tanjobi pati!

"Minako's Surprise! Big Birthday Party!"

Grey 2016-06-26


Dono yo na kyoryokuna maho! Puuriti Kuristaru Hapu!

"What Powerful Magic! The Purity Crystal Harp!"

Shadow 2016-07-02


Erizabesu no tangan! Watashi wa chimu o tatakau tsumori wanai!

"Elizabeth's Plea! I Won't Fight The Team!"

Black 2016-07-09


Hajimemashite! Guddei Purikyua!

"Nice To Meet You! G'Day Pretty Cure!"

Shadow 2016-07-16


Emiko-san no uta! Pafekuto sumairu!

"Emiko's Song! A Perfect Smile!"

Grey 2016-07-23


Chiharu no shokku! Feisufuru Sodo wa nanidesu ka?

"Chiharu's Shock! What Is The Faithful Sword?"

Black 2016-07-30


Shiawase raimei! Happi Sodo!

"Thundering With Happiness! The Happy Sword!"

Shadow 2016-08-07


Yuki no nebaendingu uzu! Korajesu Sodo!

"The Neverending Vortex of Courage! The Courageous Sword!"

Grey 2016-08-14


Mottomo interijentono sentaku! Waizu Sodo!

"The Most Intelligent Choice! The Wise Sword!"

Grey 2016-08-21