Hidoi (ひどい Hidoi) are the main monsters in Season Heart Pretty Cure!. They are created when a commander of the Dusk Area shoots a Shard of Darkness into a human's neck. The commander then shouts, "Come forth, Hidoi, and release the evil in your heart!" and the human is then turned into a Hidoi. When they are defeated, they say "so relaxing".

List of Hidoi

Episode # Possessing Summoned By Defeated With Origin
SHPC01 Scientist Stone Spring Flower Attack Yukimura Ami, who wanted to become a scientist.
SHPC02 Skateboard Stone Summer Sun Explosion A girl who wanted to be as cool as Chinen Akemi.
SHPC03 Baseball Bat Poison Autumn Wind Shower A boy who wanted to become a famous athlete.
SHPC04 Camera Stone Winter Snow Blizzard Yukimura Yuriko, who wanted to become a reporter.


  • Hidoi means "terrible" in Japanese.
  • Like the Jikochuu, Saiark and Zetsuborg, they are created without fusing objects.

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