Hikari Kagayaku
Kagayaku Hikari
Personal Info
SeasonFlower Power PreCure
SpeciesMagical Girl
BirthdayApril 25
Blood TypeAB
Height1, 50
Hair ColorDark Pink
Eye ColorDark Pink
FamilyAi Kagayaku (Mother)
Home PlaceClock Town
First AppearanceFPPC01
Voice Actor(s)Aya Suzaki
Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Cherry
PowerCherry Blossom
WeaponCherry Arrow
Theme ColorPink


Hikari Kagayaku was always an energetic girl doing most things without thinking, one day she was going to school with his two childhood friends Kokoro and Kasai until she unwittingly stumbles upon a dark green-haired girl who later presents as Midori Kawa, Hikari noticed that the "stuffed bunny" that Midori was carrying in her purse avia fallen from her backpack, which later Hikari discovers that the rabbit was actually a fairy light kingdom that was called choco that turns into a legendary warrior Pretty Cure and she receives the mission to awaken the other three warriors Pretty Cures, collect all the Cure Charms and restore peace in the light kingdom


Hikari has dark pink hair similar to Aida Mana, her eyes too dark pink, in their casual clothes she wears a pink dress with pink shoes medium and uses a yellow clip butterfly-shaped hair.


She is friendly, bubbly, Gentil, and lively.  



Ai Kagayaku: Mother  


Kasai Hogo:Best Childhood Friend

Kokoro Kirenai:Second best childhood friend

Midori Kawa:Consider a Big Sister

Aoi Ruto:Consider a younger sister  

Cure Cherry

"Shining in mind cherry blossoms,Cure Cherry"
Kokoro ni Kagayaku sakura no hana, kyuacheri

Cure Cherry is the alter ego of Hikari Kagayaku, she is the Cure guardian of flowers



Shiny Heart

Cherry Blossoms song

Inocent heart


Ima Koko kara (Grup)

Dreams are part of the future (Grup)


·Hikari reminds me a little Hoshisora ​​Miyuki Smile Precure

·Hikari is the second cure after Erika Kurumi to be the president of a club

·Hikari is the twelfth cure to have the theme color like pink

·Hikari is the only one of four other cures that do not speak a word during its transformation

·Hikari's birthday April 25 which is the same day I (Curelove12) do birthday