Holy Crowns
Hōrī Kuraun
AppearanceEpisode 26
UsageTo summon the Heart Swords
OwnerThe previous Pretty Cure (formerly), Akiyama Elizabeth (formerly), The Heartful Shine Pretty Cure (currently)
AbilitiesAkiko's crown - ensures dreams, Chiharu's crown - ensures faith, Emiko's crown - ensures happiness, Harumi's crown - ensures courage, Minako's crown - ensures wisdom
Group AttackHeartful Healing

The Holy Crowns (ホーリークラウン Hōrī Kuraun) are 5 magical items wielded by the generation of Pretty Cures before Heartful Shine Pretty Cure. They were wielded by the Pretty Cure of Luck, Cure Amaze, the Pretty Cure of Bravery, Cure Sparkle, the Pretty Cure of Purity, Cure Glimmer, the Pretty Cure of Kindness, Cure Shiny, and the Pretty Cure of Beauty, Cure Rainbow. The Holy Crowns are now in the possession of the Heartful Shine Pretty Cure.


The 5 Holy Crowns were kept in a special box, owned by Akiyama Elizabeth, Akiyama Akiko's mother, who was the Pretty Cure of Luck, Cure Amaze. In Episode 26, the Holy Crowns made their first appearance and their history was explained by Elizabeth. Long ago, when Elizabeth was 15, she and her four friends, who became Cure Sparkle, Cure Glimmer, Cure Shiny and Cure Rainbow, had used the Holy Crowns and the Heart Swords to defend the world. But one day, Tatsuya attacked, and he killed the Cures except Cure Amaze. Cure Amaze grew furious, so she used up the rest of her power to seal Tatsuya away. Elizabeth had kept the Holy Crowns ever since, but she sent the Heart Swords away.


The Holy Crowns are used to perform Heartful Healing, the second group attack used by the Cures. The Holy Crowns are used to summon the Heart Swords during the attack.