Holy Fortune Make Up! (ホーリーフォーチュンは、メイクアップ!Hōrī Fōchun Meiku Appu!) is the official transformation phrase used by Fujimoto Akari in Heartful Shine Pretty Cure. To activate the transformation into Holy Akari, Akari needs the Cures put all of their feelings of love and hope into the Fortune-Seeing Mirror, and to transform into Holy Shine, Akari just needs the Fortune-Seeing Mirror, and instead of putting the Cures' feelings into it, Akari needs to put hers into it.

Transformation Phrases


Akari: ホーリーフォーチュンは、メイクアップ!

Holy Akari: 将来の五ライトが組み合わさ!ホーリーあかり!

Holy Shine: 光と愛の美しい女神!ホーリーシャイン!


Akari: Hōrī Fōchun Meiku Appu!

Holy Akari: Shōrai no go hikari ga kumiawasa! Hōrī Akari!

Holy Shine: Hikari to ai no utsukushī megami! Hōrī Shain!


Akari: Holy Fortune Make Up!

Holy Akari: The five lights of the future combined! Holy Akari!

Holy Shine: The beautiful goddess of light and love! Holy Shine!


Holy Akari

The Cures' each put their feelings in the Fortune-Seeing Mirror, and this is known because they have an aura of either pink, orange, yellow, green or blue. Then beams of light of each colour shoot from that Cure's heart, and the Fortune-Seeing Mirror takes in those lights. The Mirror begins to glow, and Akari shouts the transformation phrase, "Holy Fortune Make Up!" and then she starts to glow with an aura of red light. The Fortune-Seeing Mirror glows red, and changes into a white ribbon, and places itself around Akari's waist, tying a bow at the end. Akari continues glowing, and she says her introduction speech and strikes her finishing pose, indicating that she has successfully transformed into Holy Akari.

Holy Shine

Akari holds the Fortune-Seeing Mirror, and shouts the transformation phrase, and her reflection is seen in the Mirror. In the Mirror, Akari begins to glow red, and she closes her eyes, and the Mirror spins around, and Akari's reflection is still seen, except she has a glowing body now. Akari lifts her hand, and it begins to grow in size, and she spins around and her clothes appear in a flash of light. Akari's hair changes style, and the Fortune-Seeing Mirror changes into a white ribbon, and Akari grabs the ribbon, and ties it around her waist. Akari opens her eyes again, and says her introduction speech and strikes her finishing pose, indicating that she has successfully transformed into Holy Shine.


  • Akari's transformation into Holy Akari was first seen in Episode 11, when her transformation into Holy Shine was not until Episode 40.

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