Holy Season Lucky Finale (ホーリーシーズンラッキーフィナーレ Hōrī Shīzun Rakkī Fināre) is the second group purification that the Season Heart! Cures use. To use it, the Cures need Bloom to produce the Animal, Moon, Sky and Water Earth Crystals, which they have to insert in their Season Instruments. This attack was first shown in Episode 39, and is capable of purifying a Hidoi, a person from the Dusk Area and the entire area around them.


Bloom shouts out a summoning incantation, and presses the button on the Earth Mirage, and the Earth Mirage produces the Animal, Moon, Sky and Water Earth Crystals. Cure Tulip draws a paw-print with her Blooming Spring Flute and pushes the paw-print towards the Animal Crystal, and the Animal Crystal inserts itself into the Flute, and Cure Tulip transforms into her 'Natural' form. The other Cures repeat this, however Cure Flame draws a crescent moon, Cure Maple draws a cloud and Cure Snowflake draws a water droplet.

The Cures, in their 'Natural' forms, shout their lines, and they play a musical melody on their Season Instruments, and shout "Pretty Cure!", then they point their Instruments at the target, and draw a heart as soon as they shout "Holy Season!", then the Cures shoot the heart at the enemy as they shout "Lucky Finale!", and once the heart hits the enemy, the Cures wave their Season Instruments around to purify it. After the attack, the Cures bow down.



Bloom: 一緒にあなたの力を結合し、プリキュアの力を与えます!

All: 地球のパワーを使用してください!

Spring Tulip: シャイン!

Summer Flame: バーン!

Autumn Maple: フェラ!

Winter Snowflake: フリーズ!

All: 花、太陽、風や雪!私達にあなたのパワー、今年の四季を与えます!

All: プリキュアホーリーシーズンラッキーフィナーレ!


Bloom: Issho ni anata no chikara o ketsugō shi, purikyua no chikara o ataemasu!

All: Chikyū no pawā o shiyō shite kudasai!

Spring Tulip: Shain!

Summer Flame: Ban!

Autumn Maple: Fera!

Winter Snowflake: Furīzu!

All: Hana, taiyō,-fū ya yuki! Watashitachi ni anata no pawā, kotoshi no shiki o ataemasu!

All: Purikyua Hōrī Shīzun Rakkī Fināre!

Literal Translation

Bloom: Combine your powers together, and grant the Pretty Cure power!

All: Use the power of the Earth!

Spring Tulip: Shine!

Summer Flame: Burn!

Autumn Maple: Blow!

Winter Snowflake: Freeze!

All: Flowers, sun, wind and snow! Give us your power, four seasons of the year!

All: Pretty Cure Holy Season Lucky Finale!




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