Hoshina Akane
Hoshina Akane
Hoshina Akane
Personal Info
SeasonHarmonic Season Precure

Magical Girl

Birthday20th July
Hair ColorBrown colour Brown (Akane)

Lemon Yellow (Cure Daylight)

Eye ColorGreen Colour Green (Akane)

Electric Yellow Light Yellow (Cure Daylight)

FamilyHoshina Hana (mother)

Hoshina Takeshi (father) Hoshina Maria (adoptive sister)

Home PlaceSummer Hills
First AppearanceHSsPC01
Voice Actor(s)Hayami Saori
Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Daylight
WeaponDaylight Wand
Theme ColorLemon Yellow (main)

Carrot Orange (sub)

Hoshina Hikari (保科ひかり Hoshina Hikari?) is the lead cure of Harmonic Season Precure. She is very smart and fashionable. Her cure alter ego is Cure Daylight (キュアデイライト Kyuadeiraito?), the Precure of Summer whose theme colour is yellow.


Meeting Autumn

When Akane was walking to school, she meets a girl who fell in the bushes. When Akane sorted the girl's injuries, the girl introduces herself as Princess Autumn

Becoming Cure Daylight



As a civilian, Akane has long brown hair tied up into a side ponytail. She wears a yellow long sleeve crop top and a skirt. She also wears white socks and orange flats
Hoshina Akane

In the Winter, her uniform consists of a yellow polo shirt, an orange cardigan, a light yellow skirt and black flats.

Cure Daylight


Akane is a very smart and fashionable girl who dreams of becoming a famous clothes designer. She is also good at medicine, so her father want her to become a doctor but she wants to work as a fashion designer.



Hoshina Hana - Akane has a strong relationship with her mother.

Cure Daylight

"The shining light of Summer! Cure Daylight!"
Natsu no kagayaku hikari! Kyuadeiraito!

 Cure Daylight  (キュアデイライト Kyuadeiraito) is Akane's cure alter ego. She can transform by saying "Precure Season Shower!" and her main attack is Daylight Hurricane. She represents the shimmering sun and holds the power of light and fire.



Hoshina (保科?) means 'star field' which may refer to her power of light as well as fire Hikari (?) means 'light' which may also refer to her power of light like her surname


  • She shares her voice actress with Hanami Kotoha from Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure
    • Hikari and Kotoha also have a two similarities:
      • They are both energetic
      • They both have a wand-like purification item with Hikari's being the Daylight Wand and Kotoha's being the Flower Echo Wand
  • Hikari's original name was "Akane" however Chinatsu Kiseki changed it to "Hikari" due to it referring to her power of light