"Let's have an adventure!"— Aimée's catchphrase
Kira Aimée
Hoshino Aimée
Personal Info
SeasonDiamond Rainbow Precure

Magical Girl

Birthday22nd November
Hair ColorLemon Blonde
Eye ColorVivid Sky Blue Sky Blue

Lemon Lemon

FamilyHoshino Aurora (mother)

Hoshino Emma (older sister))

Home PlaceFrance (former)

Emerald City

First AppearanceDRPC03
Voice Actor(s)Kanemoto Hisako
Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Topaz


WeaponTopaz Wand
LoyaltyDiamond Rainbow Kingdom
Theme ColorLemon Lemon
Hoshino Aimée (星野エイミー Hoshinoeimī?) is one of the main characters in Diamond Rainbow Precure. She is very adventurous and energetic. Her Cure alias is Cure Topaz (キュアトパーズ Kyuatopāzu), the yellow jewel of light and effervescence. Her catchphrase is Let's have an adventure! (冒険を持ってみましょう! Bōken o motte mimashou!?)




As a civilian, Aimée has medium length blonde hair plaited and sky blue eyes. In her hair, she has a purple star hairclip. Her casual outfit consists of a pale yellow t-shirt, jeans, white socks and yellow shoes.

Kira AiméeKira Aimée (back)

Her school uniform consists of a lilac polo shirt, a purple cardigan and a lavender skirt. In the winter, she usually wears baby pink tights.
Kira Aimée (School)Kira Aimée (school) (back)

As Cure Topaz, her plait is released and tied up into a ponytail. She wears a yellow midriff-baring top and a light yellow skirt. She also wears yellow tights and dark yellow flats.
Cure Topaz

Cure Topaz

"The yellow jewel of light and effervescence! Shining, Cure Topaz!"
光と泡立ちの黄色の宝石!シャイニング, キュアトパーズ!
Hikari to awadachi no kiiro no hōseki! Shainingu, kyuatopāzu!

Cure Topaz (キュアトパーズ kyuatopāzu) is Aimée's alter ego. In this form, she holds the power of light and represents effervescence. Her main attack is Topaz Lumiere



  • Topaz Lumiere (トパーズリュミエール Topāzuryumiēru) is Topaz's main attack. To perform it, she must be with Jaune and using her Rainbow Pact
  • Topaz Shining (トパーズシャイニング Topāzushainingu) is Topaz's second attack. To perform it, she must be with Jaune and using her Topaz Wand


Hoshino (星野) translates to "star field" referring to her power of light

Aimée (エイミー) is the French version of the name Amy which means dearly loved, beloved

Therefore, her name may translate to dearly loved star field


Aimée's voice actress, Kanemoto Hisako, has participated in several image songs for the character she plays.


Lumiere Shimmer


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