Hyuuga Hana
Hyuuga Hana
Hyuuga Hana
Personal Info
SeasonFutari wa Pretty Cure Spiral Heart Splash

Magical Girl

Birthday19 September
Hair ColorGinger (Hana)

Pink (Cure Bud)

Eye ColorBrown (Hana)

Light Pink (Cure Bud)

FamilyHyuuga Saki

Unknown father (desceased) Hyuuga Minori (aunt) Hyuuga Maria (older sister)

Home PlaceLand of Greenery
Voice Actor(s)Kimoto Orie
Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Bud

Miraculous Flower

WeaponPrism Star Wand
Theme ColorPink
Hyuuga Hana (日向ハナ Hyuuga Hana) is the lead cure of Futari wa Pretty Cure Spiral Heart Splash. Although she is sporty, she also good at school studies like science and maths. She is also the student council president of her school, Yuunagi Middle School. Her cure alter-ego is Cure Bud (キュアバド Kyuabado), who represents the heart of the flowers and her theme colour is pink.


Becoming Pretty Cure with Mishou Megumi



Hana has light brown that is below her shoulders. She also wears a pink t-shirt with a yellow star in the middle and blue shorts. Her school uniform is pale orange with a red bow tie and dark apricot plaided skirt; Hana wears her light purple flats.

As Cure Bud, her hair drastically grows longer and turns pink which is then tied up into a ponytail and her eye colour changes from brown to pink. Her outfit consists of a light pink midriff bearing top and dark pink knee-length skirt. On her arms, she wears hot pink gloves with a single diamond on each glove.

Cure Bud

"The heart of the flowers, Cure Bud"
花の心, キュアバド
Hana no kokoro, Kyuabado

Cure Bud is Hana's alter ego. She is more smarter and serious in this form.



Bud Storm - Bud's first individual attack. To perform it, she needs to have the Prism Star Wand.


Diamond Spiral Tornado - Bud's first group attack with Cure Wing.


Bud Shield - Bud's first sub-attack. To perform it, she needs to have the Prism Star Wand.


  • She shares her voice actress with her mother, Hyuuga Saki