Personal Info
SeasonFairyland Pretty Cure!
Height1, 59
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorScarlet
Home PlaceBad-End
First AppearanceFlPC01
SeiyuuKiyomi Asai
Theme ColorBlack and White
Infelici (インフェリース Inferīsu?)is other Bad-End commander and the only female. She is the second humanoid create by Helen. Her personality is a spoiled girl who only care about herself. To create a Hakai, she chose as a victim, peoples who feel worth it.


First appearance

Her first appearance is in Episode 1, Helen was called her, along with Mensonge and Méfiance. Helen say that called them because want that they prevent the birth of a pretty cure, they are very surprise, because they think that destroy all pretty cures, Helen egree anf say that feel a horrible feeling of happiness, she say that will kill this pretty cure, before she (the pretty cure) birth. Helen say that leaves this responsibility in her hands and Infelici leaves.

Create her first Hakai

She pretend to be a girl who wants to play, Infelici ask for a girl if she wants to play with her, the girl say that is busy, Infelici pretend cry while say that her parents also are very busy and never play with her, the girl pitied her and hug Infelice. Infelice chose the girl as a victim and create a bunny toy Hakenai.


Infelice is a spoiled girl who only care about herself. She hates to see happiness and like to play with the people's felling, pretend to be a young girl who wants to play, she lie saying that her parents are very busy and never play with her. To create a Hakai, she chose as a victim, peoples who feel worth it.


Infelice has long, dark brown hair that reaches well past her hips, and she has two shorter strands of hair tied at the ends with pink ribbons, with long parted bangs with a single lock of hair falling into her face and is tied into a lower ponytail, with a white ribbon at her shoulders. She also has large, scarlet eyes. Her clothes are a black and white sailor uniform.


Infelice, like the other commanders, can transform the peoples into Hakais.


Infelice's voice actress, Kiyomi Asai, has participated in an image song for the character voices. This duet is sung with, who voices Shōtarō Morikubo who voices Mensonge and Noriaki Sugiyama who voices Méfiance.


  • Infelice means "Unhappy" in French.
  • Infelice is the only member of the group to has a name that no start with M
    • Mensoge,Méfiance.

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