Izumi Yuuhi
和泉 ゆうひ
Izumi Yūhi
Personal Info
SeasonSuper ☆彡Pretty Cure!
Age14 - 15
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue (Yuuhi)
Orange (Cure Stellar
FamilyIzumi Reina (sister)
Home PlaceDouwa City
First AppearanceS☆PC01
Voice Actor(s)Anzai Chika
Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Stellar
Theme ColorBlue (main)
White (sub)

Izumi Yuuhi is one of the main characters of the season Super ☆彡Pretty Cure!. Yuuhi is in charge for the school's flower beds, as she is the president of the Flower Love Club. She takes the Pretty Cure alter ego Cure Stellar (キュアステラー Kyua Suterā?) while fighting against monsters of darkness.

In the Pretty Cure: Dragon Fire! dub, Yuuhi is renamed to Nikki Bristow and her alter ego has been renamed to Cure Sun.


Yuuhi is sometimes referred as the school's princess, is part of the students council and is in charge for the school's flower beds, as she is the president of the Flower Love Club. She always tries to give her best and show that she can be worth of something. However, deep inside of her, she feels useless, being afraid of being unable to a as good as her sister. This fear has turned her into the first Mikiriobake. She got saved by Cure Crescent and after that, she was able to deal with her fear and grow from it.


A young girl in Rei's age. However, Yuuhi is in a different class than Rei. Yuuhi, sometimes as the school's princess, is part of the students council and is in charge for the school's flower beds, as she is the president of the Flower Love Club. Though she is usually kind, she can also be a bit stubborn and arrogant, especially towards those who know her well. Currently, Yuuhi fights alongside with Mochidzuki Rei as Pretty Cure.


In civilian, Yuuhi has blond hair, which she has tied to a bun, held by a blue ribbon. Her eyes are sky blue. When she is not wearing her school uniform, she is seen in a long, mostly blue dress with a white belt tied around her hips. Over the dress, whe wears a brown vest without sleeves. The dress has puffy sleeves. She wears brown boots and white stockings.

As Cure Stellar, her hair grows longer and is now tied into a ponytail, held by a white ribbon. Her eye color changes from sky blue to orange. Her outfit consists of a kimono like outfit, which long sleeves. The cloth of the dress is many light blue and has some white bird patters on it. She wears a slightly longer skirt than Crescent. She wears white gloves with each light blue trims. Cure Stellar wears blue boots with white trims. Her PreCharger hangs down her hips, attached to a big ribbon. She wears a golden dragon brooch at her chest. She wears a blue rose in her hair


  • Izumi Reina - Yuuhi's older sister, who is her exact reflection in high school. She is very popular and part of the student's council. However, Reina is already president of the council and sometimes referred as the school's idol.

Cure Stellar

"Cheerfulness of the sun, radiant at day! Cure Stellar!"
Taiyō no hogaraka, hi no kagayaki! Kyua Suterā!

Cure Stellar (キュアステラー Kyua Suterā?) is Izumi Yuuhi's Pretty Cure alter ego, who holds the power of the day as well as the power of the sun. She transforms by saying "Moon and Sun! Miracle Start!". Cure Stellar if the Pretty Cure of the sun, whose partner is Cure Crescent, the Pretty Cure of the moon. Cure Stellar's power source is the Sun Dragon.



"Tsuki to Hi! Miracle no Hajimaru!" - Translated Moon and Sun! Miracle Start! is the official transformation phrase used by Izumi Yuuhi in order to transform into Cure Stellar in Super ☆彡Pretty Cure!.


Izumi (和泉?) - Izumi comes from I (?) meaning "harmony" and zumi (?) meaning "spring" or "fountain". So Izumi means "fountain/spring of harmony".

Yuuhi (ゆうひ?) - Yūhi (夕日?) or (夕陽?) is the Japanese word for "sunset", "evening sun" or "setting sun". Written with the Kanjis 夕妃, Yuuhi could also mean "evening princess".

Cure Stellar - The word stellar bescribes things retlating to one or many stars.


Yuuhi's voice actress, Anzai Chika, has participated in several image songs for the character she voices. Many of them include duets with Komatsu Mikako, who voices Mochidzuki Rei, and Kido Ibuki, who voices Mitsuwa Nanako.

Duets/Group Songs


  • Yuuhi's design was heavily influenced by Shiratori Hime.
  • Cure Stellar is one of those Cures who have blonde hair, though their theme color is not yellow.
    • Cure Stellar is the third blue/white Cure to have blonde hair. The first were Cure Rhythm and Cure Echo.
  • Cure Stellar is the second Cure to have sun powers. The first was Cure Sunshine.