Mahō no sekai ni kimasu.
Joyful Pretty Cure episode 01
"Come to the world of magic."
Air date ---
Episode Guide
Lets start spying.(JPC02)
Opening Good luck pretty cure
Ending The sunshine full of joy (Japanese)

Rise of the good Fast version (English)

Directed by User:FreshGoing
Rating: 4+

Anime: Joyful Pretty Cure

Episode: 1/?

Season: 1/?

Coco found a golden key in a piece of wood. There was a note on it:

Say : Joyful charge ready!

(So you can be a pretty cure.)

So she said the magic words and transformed into the legendary warrior, cure magic.

She thought a pretty cure was a cure which makes her pretty.

Episode 2 coming soon.'hope you like Joyful Pretty Cure.

We will let you know when it's air date...

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