Jewel Heart
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Jewel Heart's without a item.

Jewel Heart (ジュエルハート Jueru Hāto?) are the main collectible items in Prism Pretty Cure!. It is said that each Jewel Heart's colour, gem and item reflects the owner's wish and personality.

It is shown that a Jewel Heart changes to a dark grey if a new feeling of darkness towards the owners wish is more dominant. However, regardless of how strong the wish is manipulated, those feelings will always disappear when purified along with the Jewel Heart.

When a Jewel Heart is manipulated, the body separates into two things; the Jewel Heart transforms into a Kurayami, and one orb which has the owner prisoned inside of it. The orb is located in a small necklace around a Council member. But if the Jewel Heart doesn't transform into a Kurayami, the orb can change in size. The owner can only return to normal if the Jewel Heart is purified.

The Shadow Kingdom use Jewel Hearts to form Kurayami's, and it is stated that the more a Jewel Heart is darkened, the stronger the Kurayami will be.

The Prism Commune is also capable of holding duplicated Jewel Hearts inside. These Jewel Hearts, depending on the item, character, or wish, will give the users different type of uses. Only (?) Jewel Hearts have been seen used within the series. These Jewel Hearts can be used when transformed and untransformed.

List of Jewel Hearts

Episode Owner Jewel Heart Picture Manipulated by Wish Use Purified with
PPC01 Unknown Purple Fluorite (flower) Rainbow Misery To grow a beautiful flower Unknown Heart Spiral
PPC02 Mitsue Sayuri Yellow Citrine (cake) Rainbow Rage To become a patisserie Unknown Heart Spiral


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