Kaido Mizu
Kaido Mizu
Personal Info
SeasonRoyale! Go Princess Precure!

Magical Girl

Birthday19th Febuary
Hair ColorTurquoise Colour Turquoise (Mizu)

Blue Colour Blue (Cure Tsunami)

Eye ColorBlue Colour Blue
FamilyKaido Minami (mother)

Kaido Tsuki (older sister)

Home PlaceYumegahama
First AppearanceRPPC01
Voice Actor(s)Horie Yui
Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Tsunami
WeaponTsunami Keytar
Theme ColorBlue Colour Blue
Kaido Mizu (街道ミズ Kaido Mizu) is one of the main characters in Royale! Go Princess Precure! .  She is the student council vice president who excels in all studies and dreams to become a Food Biologist. Her cure alter is Cure Tsunami (キュア津波 Kyua tsunami), the princess of water whose theme colour is blue.


Meeting Haruno Sakura and Akagi Ichigo

Mizu met Sakura and Ichigo when they both enrolled into Noble Academy.

Becoming Cure Tsunami



As a civilian, Mizu has long turquoise hair and dark blue eyes. She wears a dark blue dress, white tights and sky blue flats.
Kaido Mizu

In the Winter, her uniform consists of a light purple long-sleeved top with a white sailor collar with a single dark blue stripe and a pink ribbon that ties in the front. Her skirt is white and pleated with suspender-like straps in front. She also wears dark blue tights and black shoes.

In the Summer, her uniform is the same however the top is now short sleeved and white while her skirt is light purple. Her tights are now white.

As Cure Tsunami, her hair shifts from turquoise to dark blue and styles itself into a similar appearance to Cure Marigold's. Her uniform consists of a long blue dress, turquoise gloves and light blue heels.
Cure Tsunami

Cure Tsunami (Mode Royale)


Mizu is a calm 14-year old girl who is very good at biology. She is very confident and never fails any test.

Cure Tsunami

"The princess of the glistening sea! Cure Tsunami!"
Kagayaku umi no purinsesu! Kyua tsunami!

Cure Tsunami (キュア津波 Kyua tsunami) is Mizu's alter ego. In this form, she represents the sea and holds the power of water. She can transform using the phrase "Precure Royale Princess Engage!". Her main attack is [[Tsunami Shoot], which she can only perform while in her Mode Royale.


  • Tsunami Shoot (津波シュート Tsunami Shuto) is Cure Tsunami's main attack, that can only be used when she is in her Mode Royale. It appears in episode 2.