Kawasaki Sho -

Kawasaki Mami -


Akanishi Ren - Is Aoi's best friend since their first year, when Ren transferred back to Japan. She is often seen walking with Ren around school grounds. Though when they first met they didn't get along at first but sorted out their differences.

Matsushima Taro -

Yukimura Aiko - Aoi heard rumours about Aiko and meets her when Aiko comes to help with the student council work. They become close friends after she becomes a Pretty Cure.

Mitsue Sayuri - A junior who recently becomes friends with Aoi and consults Aoi with her doubts.

Kage Ichiro - She also heard rumours about Ichiro and meets him when Ichiro comes to help with the student council work. She finds Ichiro as a very popular and prince-like person.

Pearl - Pearl is a cat-like fairy mascot and Aoi's transformation partner.


To be added.

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