Cure Star
Kazumi Hoshino
Personal Info
SeasonYes! Pretty Cure 5 Max Stars
Hair Colororange
Pretty Cure Info
Kazumi Hoshino Is a 14-year-old girl who lives in a small house with her younger brother who is seriously sick.

Hoshino is a serious and quiet girl, she is good at studies especially in Mathematics. Her alter ego is Cure Star. To Transform, her CureMo opens and she presses the button while saying, "Pretty Cure metamorphose!" Her CureMo's screen sparkles and orange light surrounds her body. Then appears an orange  light with light showing at the end. Hoshino appears with her body covered in orange light. After her boots warmers appear, then her arm… she is fully clothed with her hair styled. Cure Star. files down, opens her eyes and recites her introductory speech.”The orange light of talent, Cure Star!” (才能のオレンジ色の光 /Sainō no orenji-iro no hikari) Her attack is “ Precure Twinkle Storm “

Cure Info

La vrai


Hoshino is the princess of the kingdom of stars. But Nightmare attacked and imprisoned the parents of Cure Star who was obliged to run away with his brother on earth. She has to take care of him, her studies, her missions of Precure. She has to remain serious to be able to take care of all this even if sometimes, she would want to have fun and to play with the others.


At the beginning, precure 5 was sad has to fight Nightmare (who was much stronger as in the first season) and they were always by Cure Star (Who did not want to team up with them just because they are incapable). But in the episode 7, she met Nozomi (hoshino did not know that Nozomi is Cure Dream) and spent with her a magnificent day. And it is in this episode that she(it) agrees to be a member(part) of the team


She has to find seven stars of the rainbow (Every star belongs to a precure and  gives to the Pretty Cure a new power). Once the combined stars, Light Cure will appear ( It is what nightmare wants to have to destroy the earth)