Koizumi Aika
Koizumi Aika
Personal Info
SeasonSeason Heart Pretty Cure!
BirthdayMarch 29
Hair ColorLight pink
Eye ColorBlue
FamilyKoizumi Hana (daughter), Chinen Akemi (adoptive daughter), Koizumi Keiko (daughter)
Home PlaceTokyo
First AppearanceSHPC17
Voice Actor(s)Dounowaki Kyoko
Pretty Cure Info
WeaponWooden spoon
Theme ColorRed
Koizumi Aika (小泉あいか Koizumi Aika) is a minor character who appears in Season Heart Pretty Cure!. She is Hana, Akemi and Keiko's mother. In Episode 17, it is revealed that she taught Akikaze Momoko how to cook.


Aika looks similar to Hana's Pretty Cure form. Aika has light pink hair tied into a low ponytail, and wears a green headband. She wears a red old-styled dress with a white waist apron.


Aika is cheerful and doesn't mind a challenge, and is shown to be very kind. She loves and cares for all three of her daughters.


Koizumi Hana - Her daughter. Aika has taught Hana about many things, and in return, Hana was always kind and respectful to her mother.

Chinen Akemi - Her adoptive daughter. Aika let Akemi live in the Koizumi house, and the two of them have respected each other, even if they aren't related by blood.

Koizumi Keiko - Her youngest daughter.


Official Art/Profile


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