The Land of Dragons (ドラゴンズの土地 Doragonzu no tochi) is a world revealed in the movie Season Heart Pretty Cure!: Doragonzu No Tochi De Nazo!. It is a land where dragons live, and is peaceful and happy. The Dragon King and Queen rule this land from their sparkling palace.


The Land of Dragons is the main source of fire in the Season Heart cosmology, and is the main world of the Season Heart Pretty Cure movie where all the action takes place. As legend says, the one who delivers the light and the one weaves the future live in the Land of Dragons. However, if both lose their powers, then every world (including the Nature Kingdom) will be thrown into chaos.

The Land of Dragons is a broad expanse of flat land, much of it covered in multi-colored jewels and grassland, that lies between steep cliffs. In the middle of this plane, stands a large building complex, the royal family's palace.

For a long time, this world lived in peace and health, and every dragon was happy. But one day, the brother of the evil lord Zero, Volcano, planned an attack on the Land of Dragons, and everyone fell asleep. Now, the combined forces of the Royal Dragon Twins and the Pretty Cure will stand to protect the residents of the Land of Dragons from danger.


  • Princess Alma - The princess of the Land of Dragons. She is a friendly, caring and shy dragon, who seems to be intelligent. She is also the one who weaves the future.
  • Prince Viper - The prince of the Land of Dragons. He is He is daring, courageous and isn't afraid to speak what is on his mind, making him very brave. He is also the one who delivers the light.
  • King of the Land of Dragons - Like the Queen, not much is known about him, however, Princess Alma says he is a lot like her.
  • Queen of the Land of Dragons - Like the King, not much is known about her, however, Prince Viper says she is a lot like him.


  • The Dragon Palace is an enormous palace where the royal family live.


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