Lucky Clover🍀 Fresh Precure
General Information
Created on08/05/16
NetworkToei Animation
Original RunTBA
Opening SongLucky! Lucky Clover Fresh Precure!
Ending SongHappiness Rainbow (1-25}

Dreaming Flowers (26-50)

Series Info


PredecessorEverlasting Suite Precure
SuccessorDiamond Rainbow Precure
Lucky Clover🍀 Fresh Precure (ラッキークローバーフ🍀フレッシュプリキュア!Rakkīkurōbā🍀furesshupurikyua) is the sixth Next Generation and 15th fanseries created by Hickmanm. The series motifs are happiness and fruit. This season also has an English Dub


Years after Moebius' defeat, he is somehow resurrected and controlling Labyrinth again except Higashi Setsuna and Higashi Megumi who fled to Earth searching for Setsuna's friends: Momozono Love, Aono Miki and Yamabuki Inori. There Megumi meets Momozono Lyra, Aono Mayu and Yamabuki Iona the daughters of Setsuna's friends.



Higashi Megumi (めぐみ Higashi Megumi)/Cure Apple (キュアアップル Kyua Appuru) (May Hunt in the English dub) - The lead cure of the season and the main protagonist. She is the protecter of the 'Lucky Clover' and the student council vice-president at Public Yotsuba Junior High. Her cure alter ego is Cure Apple, the red fruit of luck and kindness

Momozono Lyra (桃園ライラ Momozono Lyra)/Cure Lychee (キュアライチ Kyuaraichi) (Lyra Morgan in the English dub) - A happy go lucky girl who also gets high grades. She is also the student council president of Public Yotsuba Junior High. Her cure-alter ego is Cure Lychee, the pink fruit of love and laughter.

Aono Miyu (青野ミク Aono Miyu)/Cure Plum (キュアプラム Kyuapuramu) (Maddie Hope in the English Dub) - A talented girl who dreams to become a famous singer. Her cure alter ego is Cure Plum, the blue fruit of hope and honesty

Yamabuki Iona (山吹いおな Yamabuki Iona)/Cure Orange (キュアオレンジ Kyuaorenji) (Iris Wright in the English Dub) - A confident girl who is best friends with Lyra and Miyu. Her cure alter ego is Cure Orange, the yellow fruit of courage and loyalty

Mirai Ai (未来愛 Mirai Ai)/Cure Lime (キュアライム Kyuaraimu) (Amelia Meadows in the English Dub) - A shy 17-year old girl who is extremely smart. Her cure alter ego is Cure Lime, the green fruit of faith and generosity

Minami Ichigo (南いちご Minami Ichigo)/Cure Grape (キュアグレープ Kyuagurēpu) (Elizabeth May in the English Dub) - One of the mascots and princess of the Sweets Kingdom. Her cure alter ego is Cure Grape, the purple fruit of wisdom and magic


Velvet - A baby fairy from the Sweets Kingdom.


Moebius - The main antagonist who was somehow resurrected

The Sours - A group from Labyrinth who are the exact opposites of the Cures:

Pomelo - A man who is the leader of the Sours and the exact opposite of Cure Apple and Cure Plum

Limón - A woman who acts as second in command of the Sours and the exact opposite of Cure Lychee and Cure Orange

Cidra - A woman who is exactly the opposite of Cure Orange and Cure Grape

Supporting Characters



Clover Brooch - The main transformation item.


Clover Town - The main setting of the season



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