Lucky Magic Pretty Cure!
Rakkī Majikku Purikyua!
General Information
Created onSeptember 9, 2015
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunFebruary 7, 2016
Opening SongLucky Magic Pretty Cure!GO~
Ending SongPrayer
Series Info
PredecessorGo! Princess Pretty Cure
Lucky Magic Pretty Cure! is a Japanese magical girl anime series created by CureHibiki. It will air on February 7, 2016, unofficially succeeding Go! Princess Pretty Cure in its initial timeslot. The series' motifs are hope, form-changing and mirrors.


It's been a year since Phantom Empire has been defeated, and Earth has been celebrating ever since then. But their time for celebrating is over since the Phantom Empire has returned, bigger and badder than before and the new servants are looking for revenge. One of these servants is a teenage girl named Iroha Sakura who helped capture the HappinessCharge Pretty Cure in the mirrors of despair. But ever since then, she feels like she never wanted to be evil but was in fact jealous of Pretty Cure. Will the new Pretty Cure, Cure Sweetie and Cure Dear be able to rescue not only Happiness Charge Pretty Cure but also Sakura from the evil clutches of the Phantom Empire? Prepare for a more action packed Pretty Cure season that is the sequel to the 10th anniversary season, HappinessCharge Pretty Cure!.


Pretty Cure

Blue Sky Kingdom

Phantom Empire

Supporting Characters








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