This a list of quotes that May says in Flower Precure

  • The pink flower of love! Cure Tulip! - Cure Tulip introducing herself
  • The miraculous pink flower of the miracle of love! I am Miraculous Tulip Heart! - Miraculous Tulip Heart introducing herself
  • My Heart is full of love! - May's catchphrase
  • Despair and love is what keeps the world balanced, just like the yin-yang. - Miraculous Tulip Heart to Queen Foxglove
  • Shining Bright! My Star of Love - May's first Japanese character song
  • Nothing can stop me, I'm singing with love! - May's first English character song
  • Precure Tulip Tornado! - Cure Tulip's attack
  • Precure Miraculous Tulip Tornado! - Miraculous Tulip Heart's attack

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