Melanie Richards

May's step-mother. She was the one who gave May the name May/Sakura as she wishes that May would blossom like a flower

Samuel Richards

May's step-father. Although he doesn't come home frequently, she still loves him as well as him loving her the same

Autumn and April Richards

May's younger step-sisters. With Autumn being inspired by May, April isn't.

Serena Richards

When Serena was Sirena, the two were arch-enemies. However, May felt sorry for Serena when she found out that she was corrupted by despair and that they were sister. After Sirena was turned back into Serena, the two share a sisterly relationship.

Flower Queen

May respects the Flower Queen. However, when she (May) found out she (May) was the missing princess of the Flower Kingdom, she treats the Flower Queen as a mother.

King Cendre

Monsieur Olivier


Stella Davis

May's childhood friend. As best friends, they know each others strengths and weaknesses.

Natalie Hill

Jessica Dixon

May and Jessica have a very strong relationship.

Olivia Smith


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