Write the first paragraph of your page here. My procure series is about 5 girls the 4 melody stars from evil.


One day a 14 year old girl named Sakuri Hana finds a melody star on her way home from school. And she transforms into cure song.Then a princess falls from the sky, and tells her she is queen melody and a evil organization called dark song has shattered the 4 melody star which protects her land, and dark song wants to takeover earth. So queen melody goes to earth to find 5 girls to help her find all the melody star pieces and defeat dark song from taking over earth. She chooses sakuri , nikaru , kuniko, michiko and asuri who turn into pop stars. Use the power of melody to Fight evil.


Sakuri, Shy loves to sing when nobody's watching. She has blonde hair before she transforms. after she transforms hair turns pink..

  Nikaru, loves to play and is outgoing, but doesn't get long well sometimes with the other cures. She has blonde hair before she transforms. after she transforms she has orange hair

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