Midori Kawa
Kawa Midori
Personal Info
SeasonFlower Power PreCure

Magic Girl

Birthday8 March
Blood TypeAB
Height1, 60
Hair ColorDark Green (Midori)

Green (Cure Lily)

Eye ColorDark Green (Midori)

Green (Cure Lily)

FamilyNone Parents
Home PlaceLight Kingdom

Clock Town

First AppearanceFPPC01
Voice Actor(s)Juri Nagatsuma
Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Lily
WeaponLily Fan
LoyaltyLight Kingdom
Theme ColorGreen (Main)

White (Sub)






Midori is Feminine, gentle and calm, she is like a mother to all Cures 


Kagayaku Hikari: Friend

Kasai Hogo Friend

Aoi Ruto: Best Friend

Kokoro Kirenai Friend

Choco: Childhood friend 

Cure Lily

"The Beauty flower! Cure Lily!"
美容花! キュアリリ
Biyo Hana!Kyuariri


Cure Lily is the alter ego of Midori she is the one that protects the Light Kingdom and is the guardian of life. 


Duets / Group

Ima Koko Kara (Group) 


  • Cure Lily is the first green Cure to be the leader.
  • Cure Lily is the first Cure to use an array as a weapon.
  • Midori Kawa had its name based on Midorikawa Nao.
  • Midori Kawa has some similarities with Akimoto Komati from Yes! Pretty Cure 5 and Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo
    • Both Cures's has the main color green.
    • Both Cures are gentle and feminine.
    • Both Cures are the best friends of the blue Cures.
    • Both Cures is 15 years old (Cure Mint is 16 Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo)
  • Cure Lily is the third Cure to have power over the wind.

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