The Mikiriobake (ミキリオバケ Mikiriobake?) are the main monsters of Super ☆彡Pretty Cure!. The Mikiriobake gain their power from the deepest fears of their victims.

List of Mikiriobakes

Debut User Victim Fear Defeated by Defeated with
S☆PC01 Dustin Izumi Yuuhi Being ingored due to be less worth than her sister Cure Crescent Half Moon Explosion
S☆PC02 Dustin Izumi Reina Losing herself in her popularity Cure Stellar Morning Sun Explosion
S☆PC03 Dustin Mochidzuki Rie Losing her beloved family and friends Cure Crescent and Cure Stellar Solar Lunar Explosion
S☆PC04 Kawasaki-sensei
S☆PC05 Takahashi Taro


  • The Mikiriobake have similar abilities to the Desertrian, the Jikochuu and the Zetsuborg.
  • The Name of the monsters come from mikiri (見切り?) "abandon" and obake (お化け?) "monster".



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