Kiseki no yume no purikyua
14 episode 1
"Miracle Dream precure"
Air date 2016
Episode Guide
Opening dreams of hope
Ending wings of a dream
Directed by yoko hanami
Written by yoko hanami
In the Dream kingdom where all the dreams and whishes of people reside, there is a queen named queen miracle who

protects the land with the help of the miracle crystals.

The miracle crystals protect the dream kingdom, against the shadow shifters, who want to bring despair and darkness to the land. The shadow shifter are ruled by the shadow queen in the shadow kingdom.

One day the shadow queen finds a powerful crystal called the shadow crystal, and traps queen miracle in the dungeon of forgotten dreams, but the power is so strong that it traps her in the dungeon as well, and the shadow crystal fades away forever.

Before queen miracle gets trapped in the dungeon of forgotten dreams, she sends all the miracle crystals to earth where they will be safe from the shadow shifters.

Queen miracle then sends her advisor dreamy to earth to find 5 girls to become the miracle dream precure, and find all the miracle crystals. And stop the shadow shifters from reviving the shadow queen and spreading darkness through the dream kingdom.

attacks cures
Miracle hope cure Miracle
Miracle illusion cure dream
Items attacks powers cures
Miracle pact miracle flame fire cure blaze
Miracle wand miracle grow nature cure flora
Miracle gem miracle blizzard ice cure winter

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