Miracle Eruption (ミラクル噴火 Mirakuru Arupshion) is Cure Miracle's first finisher that requires the power of her transformation item, the Shining Heart Necklace. It is first used in Episode 2.


Cure Miracle does the unlocking sign on her Shining Heart Necklace the way she did at the start of her transformation. The Shining Heart Necklace glows, and the area around Cure Miracle glows in a circle, and fireballs shoot upwards to create a circle in front of Cure Miracle. Cure Miracle shouts, "Your faith will be healed with my passion!" When she shouts, "Pretty Cure", the fireballs glow even brighter and Cure Miracle clenches her fist as if she was about to punch someone. When she shouts, "Miracle Eruption", she punches the fireballs straight at her target, purifying it.



Cure Miracle: アンロック!

Cure Miracle: あなたの信仰は私の情熱で癒されます!

Cure Miracle: プリキュアミラクル噴火!


Cure Miracle: Anrokku!

Cure Miracle: Anata no shinkō wa watashi no jōnetsu de iyasa remasu!

Cure Miracle: Purikyua Mirakuru Arupshion!


Cure Miracle: Unlock!

Cure Miracle: Your faith will be healed with my passion!

Cure Miracle: Pretty Cure Miracle Eruption!


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