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Miraculous Princess Pretty Cure!
Kiseki no purinsesupurikyua!
General Information
Director(s)Chinatsu Kiseki
Opening SongDreaming Miraculous Princess Pretty Cure!
Ending SongForever Miraculous!
Series Info



PredecessorYokai Precure
SuccessorShining Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure

Miraculous Princess Pretty Cure! (奇跡のプリンセスプリキュア! Kiseki no purinsesupurikyua!?) is the nineteenth fanseries created by Chinatsu Kiseki. The main motifs are princesses, dreams and hope.


  • 12/08/16 - The main antagonist of the season as well as the first antagonist to attack the cures.have been revealed.
  • 12/08/16 - According to Kiseki, there will 5 villains who will attack the cures.



Pretty Cure

Yozora Mirai (夜空未来 Yozora mirai?)/Cure Destiny (キュアデスティニー Kyuadesutinī?)

The lead cure of the series. She is a very elegant and smart girl who gets high levels. Her cure alter ego is Cure Destiny, the princess of the future whose theme colour is purple

Yozora Taiyo (夜空太陽 Yozora taiyō?)/Cure Firestorm (キュアファイヤーストーム Kyuafaiyāsutōmu?)

The twin sister of Mirai. As her name suggests, she has a sunny personality. Her cure alter ego is Cure Firestorm, the princess of the passionate flames whose theme colour is red

Chinen Amelia (知念アメリア Chinen ameria?)/Cure Sympathy (キュアシンパシー Kyuashinpashī?)

A student of Noble Academy. She is very shy however she dreams of world peace. Her cure alter ego is Cure Sympathy, the princess of world peace whose theme colour is yellow

Minami Uta (南うた Minami uta?)/Cure Lyric (キュアリリック Kyuaririkku?)

Another student of Noble Academy and roommate of Amelia. As well as a student, she is also a famous idol. Her cure alter ego is Cure Lyric, the princess of song whose theme colour is blue

Takara Ai (宝愛 Takara ai?)/Cure Heartbeat (キュアハートビート Kyuahātobīto?)

A generous and loving student of Noble Academy. It is said her aura can get rid of any hatred and evil that passes her. Her cure alter ego is Cure Heartbeat, the princess of loving emotions whose theme colour is pink

Tsukino Crescent (月野クレセント Tsukino kuresento?)/Cure Lune (キュアルネ Kyuarune?)

The student council president of Noble Academy and roommate of Ai. Although she is quite strict, she cares about the students of Noble Academy with a motherly personality. Her cure alter ego is Cure Lune, the princess of the glistening moon whose theme colours are silver, dark blue and lilac.

Densetsu Hikari (伝説光 Densetsu hikari?)/Cure Mito (キュア水戸 Kyua Mito?)

A transfer student from northern Japan. She believes hope will never fade. Her cure alter ego is Cure Mito, the princess of legends and light whose theme colour is orange.

Kumorimashita Misora (曇りました美空 Kumorimashita Misora?)/Cure Yún (キュア云 Kyua yún?)

A beautiful yet shy girl and roommate of Hikari. Her cure alter ego is Cure Yún, the princess of the sky and clouds whose theme colour is white.

Kireina Hōseki (綺麗な宝石 Kireina hōseki?)/Cure Emerald (キュアエメラルド Kyuaemerarudo?)/Opal (オパール Opāru?)

Originally one of the main antagonists and the missing princess of the Ciel Kingdom. As Opal, she was cruel and selfish. Her cure alter ego is Cure Emerald, the princess of the bonds of hope whose theme colour is green


Mira (ミラ Mira?)

Lyra (ライラ Raira?)


Tormenta (トーメンタ Tōmenta?)

The main villian of the series. She is ruthless and willing to get rid of all dreams and hope to spread despair.

Oscuro (オスクロ osukuro?)

The first of the villains to attack the Pretty Cure. He is cruel and detests dreams

Supporting Characters

Hayashi Ruby (林ルビー Hayashi rubī?)/Cure Estrella (キュアエストレラ Kyuaesutorera?) (Special and Movie only)

The roommate of Hōseki. She is also the head of the newspaper club who looks for more info on the Pretty Cure each and everyday. In episode 14, she discovers that her classmates are actually the Pretty Cure. In the special and movie, her cure alter ego is Cure Estrella, the princess of space and time whose theme colour is gold.

Yozora Seiun (夜空青雲 Yozora seiun?)

The mother of Mirai and Taiyo. She is very caring and owns a little jewelry shop near Noble Academy with her husband, Ryūsei.

Yozora Ryūsei (夜空流星 Yozora ryūsei?)

The father of Mirai and Taiyo. He can be quite emotional and owns a little jewelry shop near Noble Academy with his wife, Seiun.






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