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Ayase Haruka


Kobayashi Tsubomi


--- --- 1:44 Happy Heartful Shine Pretty Cure/ My Sweet Heartful Shine Single

My Sweet Heartful Shine (マイスウィートハートフルシャイン Mai Suu~īto Hātofuru Shain) is the ending theme song for Heartful Shine Pretty Cure, performed by Ayase Haruka. This song debuted in Episode 1.


First the outside of the school is shown, and all five Cures, and Akiyama Akiko, Tachibana Chiharu, Fukui Emiko, Nakamura Harumi and Yoshida Minako's silhouette's are shown, and then lights of their theme colours shine down on them, and they begin to dance. With Chiharu, Emiko, Harumi and Minako behind her, Akiko blows a kiss and transforms into Cure Legend.

Then the screen glows white, and the girls (in their Pretty Cure forms) are dancing on a large stage with balloons of their fairy partners and streamers, and the audience cheers. The Cures do their finishing poses from after their transformations and the song ends.


Japanese Romaji Translation
Ra, ra, ra, ra, ra!
Watashi no amai hātofurushain!

La, la, la, la, la!

My sweet Heartful Shine!

(プリティかわいいプリキュア! )
Kagayaki ga watashitachi no kokoronouchi ni arimasunode, sore o mimashou!
(Puriti kawaī Purikyua!)

There's a sparkle inside our hearts so let it out!

(Pretty pretty Pretty Cure!)

Dakara, dansu, dansu, dansu,
Utau utau,
Kagayaki, kagayaki o, kagayaki, utau!
Yukō, min'na!

So dance, dance, dance,

Sing, sing, sing,

Shine, shine, shine!

Let's go, everyone!

Min'na, anata wa anata no kokoro ga tadashī basho ni aru koto o shitte iru!
Anata no uchigawa no niji ga sukete mieru shimashou ​​!
Ima, anata wa sekai ni dete utau koto ga dekiru!
Watashi no amai hātofurushain!

Everyone, you know that your heart is in the right place!

Let your inner rainbow shine through!

Now you can sing out to the world!

My sweet Heartful Shine!

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