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Natalie Hill
Natalie Hill
Minami Honoka
Flower Precure
Personal Info


Birthday4th April
Hair ColorBlack Black (Natalie)

Yellow Dark Yellow (Cure Daffodil)

Eye ColorGreen Dark Green (Natalie)

Lemon Yellow (Cure Daffodil)

FamilyNaomi Hill (mother)
Home PlaceStarlight Hills
First AppearanceFPC04
Voice ActressYukana (Japanese)

Tabitha St. Germain (english)

Pretty Cure Info
Alter EgoCure Daffodil


Theme ColorLemon Yellow
Natalie Hill is one the main characters in Flower Precure. She is a 12-year old girl who just transferred to Starlight Academy and made friends with May and Stella. When May and Stella first meet Natalie, she is being bullied by a girl named Rebecca until May stands up for her. When May and Stella make friends with Natalie; they tell Natalie that they are Precure, which is surprising to her due to her being saved by the Precure when she was 5 years old. When Tulip and Bluebell are badly hurt by a Petaltrian, she decides to stand up for them and became the yellow flower of hope, Cure Daffodil. Her cure-alter ego is Cure Daffodil, the yellow flower of hope whose theme colour is yellow.


Meeting May and Stella

When May and Stella arrive at school, they see Natalie being bullied by Rebecca Jones, May's old best friend.

Becoming Cure Daffodil




As Natalie, she has short black hair and dark green eyes. Her casual outfit consists of a yellow crop top and cyan/turquoise trousers with white socks and pastel yellow flats. Her school uniform consists of of a bow, a blue skirt, black flat shoes with pink socks (or tights during winter), a lilac polo shirt and pink cardigan.

Cure Daffodil

As Cure Daffodil, her black hair turns dark yellow that is then tied up in a ponytail and her eyes change colour to yellow.Her uniform consists of a light yellow top with the Flower Jewel on it and a yellow skirt.


Natalie is very fashionable and dreams to become a famous fashion designer or model. She is very confident in herself and cares for others a lot especially her friends.

Cure Daffodil

"The yellow flower of hope! Cure Daffodil!"
Go kibō no kiiro no hana! Kyuadaffodiru!

Cure Daffodil is Natalie's alter ego. She represents hope.


Natalie's voice actresses, Yukana and Tabitha St. Germain, have participated to several Japanese and English image songs for Natalie.


Hope Flower (1st Japanese)

Shining Hope (1st English)




  • She shares her birthday with Yukishiro Honoka
    • They also share the same voice actress
  • She shares her name with Misumi Nagisa's English name


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