Nichibotsu is the main antagonist of Shine! Shine! Precure!, and ruler of the People of Shadow. He is the current Dragon, and has sent his followers to seek his sealed soul.


As a Dragon, his exact origins are unknown. Though, it is known that the Daphne found him and took him under her wing, hoping to curb his natural destructive tendencies. For some time, this seemed to work. However, he is known to have committed at least two mass-murders, one on a half dozen Elves, and the other completely destroying the merfolk capital. The exact reasons for these slaughters were never made known,and the sudden demands for land quickly turned the Holy Valley quickly turned against him.

Unfortunately, Nichibotsu had gathered a sizable army to back him. To make matters worse, his elites, the Shadow Agents, were powerful enough to destroy entire armies on their own. Due to his exclusively defensive stance, some grew sympathetic  to him and joined. Forced into a corner, the royal Nymph, Daphne, took up her father’s sword, Gram, and faced the dragon in battle. Unable to defeat him, she attempted to end it by splitting his soul away from him and sealing it away in the human word, at the cost of her own freedom. This was only partially successful, as Nichibotsu was only severely weakened and his forces did not disperse.

At the current moment, Nichibotsu has collected enough power to locate the general area where his soul resides. He has sent his Agents to collect broken human souls to restore his power.


Nichibotsu is very cold and distant to even his most loyal followers. Lacking a soul, he is unable to feel emotion, yet he is far from logically. This comes from a desire to try and act as he would have in the past.


As the current Dragon, Nichibotsu has all of the basic powers that can be seen here

In addition, Nichibotsu has a unique ability to make Contracts of Destruction with others. The conditions and results of a contract are unknown, as they can vary wildly. Though unconfirmed, it is thought that these contracts are what give some of his followers such fierce loyalty, involuntarily emotionally tying them to the Dragon.


Nichibotsu is the first Dragon to hoard living beings. This was previously thought to be impossible, and thus went unnoticed until he amassed a massive hoard, resulting in his unparalleled strength. Due to the vague conditions it takes for one to be considered part of his hoard, the exact number cannot be determined. There have been several cases where the ones working against Nichibotsu have unknowingly been part of his hoard. 

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