Nishimura Kumiko (西村久美子 Nishimura Kumiko) is the pen name of CureDessert. She is a Pretty Cure writer and director.




First Time Watching Pretty Cure

When she opened her YouTube, she open her favourite channel. In that channel, there's cointain a Smile Pretty Cure! video. She watch that video and getting interested in Smile Pretty Cure!. In the next day, she open her YouTube and search 'Smile Precure all transformation'. She only founds this video: 'Pretty Cure all Transformation (Cure Black-Cure Magical)'. When she knows there's another Pretty Cure series, she getting interested in Pretty Cure.


You can see of her songs on


Nishimura (西村) means "west of the village" in japanese.

Kumiko (久美子) means "eternal beautiful child" in japanese.

Nishimura Kumiko means "eternal beautiful child at the west of the village."

Pretty Cure Series

Nishimura Kumiko's Series

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