Power Cure (パワーキュア Pawākyua) is an ironical Pretty Cure fanseries created by user Gurin Guran. Despite being a magical girl/boy anime, it is clearly influenced by shounen anime, occidental cartoons and pop culture. It also speaks about unusual themes for a Pretty Cure series (non-hetero characters,neurodivergent characters, existentialism, constructive nihilism etc.). Its main themes are Weapons, Virtues, Friendship and the Fight Against Homologation. This series has been animated by both Toei Animation and Studio Trigger.



Long ago, the nearby galaxies decided to form The League of Planets, a peaceful organization which aimed to preserve each planet's unicity and independence. However, some planets wanted to conquer all of the universe and to erase all diversities and created the Void Corp., an evil organization who stole many magical items from across the universe in order to gain more and more power. Thus, a team of legendary warriors, the Cure Crusaders, was formed and each of its components defeated their homeworld and recollected the stolen items. But Orion, the very leader of Void, refuged on Earth so he could collect one last item, the Crystal Arc. Luckilly, Cure Artemis, the Cure Crusader from Earth, managed to find the Crystal Arc and used it to freeze Orion. Unfortunately, the spell won't last forever. That's why Artemis founded the Cure Centre, where the Legendary Warriors are trained to fight and protect the Earth from Void's remaining generals until Orion's awakening.

Beginning of the first season

The story takes place in a fictional metropolis called Concordia. Mariah Dawson, a nihilist teenage girl, is walking to school as she usually does, unaware of the ultra-galactic war that took place barely 50 years from the present. Before entering her classroom, she is approached by the new transfer student who was late class just like her. Mrs Owens, the French teacher, commands Mariah to show the new student the school during the lunch break since none of her classmates are willing to do so. Judith Belle, the new students, acts like a spoiled brat and Mariah is already uncapable of standing her. After the last period, Moriah finds a notebook filled with weird annotations with Judith's name on it. She decides to give it back to her despite her brash behavior and starts looking for her. She follows the dark haired girl into an alley where she sees her transforming into a purple floating creature. Both of them freak out. Mariah is starting to run away, but then Judith grabs her wrist and teleports them to Neo Bohème, a hidden Concordia discrict where aliens, humans, and other magical creatures live together in peace and harmony, precisely to the Eastern America's Cure Centre. The duo is immediately escorted to Selena Newton, the Centre's president, who demands an explanation. Judith, whose real name is Jujube, explains her that Mariah has a potential in becoming a Legendary Warrior and begs her to give the human girl a chance. Mariah is reclutant in becoming a magical girl, but then changes her mind when Selena offers her a payment. She later transforms into Cure Shadow, Cure of Darkness and Unity, using the Power Bracalet and defeats esilly Britisha, one of Void's generals who was attacking the Centre, and her Ghast.

Power Cure Alignment and Missions

The Cure's main task is to prevent Void's generals from gaining power, but they also have to collect lost magical items before their enemies do.

The Cure Centre also provides a guide to each Cure Team called "Mascot" that helps them with their quests. They have a humanoid form, which is their true form, a full human form and a energy-saving form. A Mascot can use a magical item to become a Cure if the item has a bond with them.

The Cures all have an Element, a Virtue and a Transformation Item. There are 12 elements:

  1. Darkness: manipulating shadows, creating portals, creating black holes
  2. Light: manipulating light, shooting light rays, absorbing power from others if they're willing to lend them to you
  3. Nature: manipulating plants, gaining powers from plants, communicating with plants
  4. Fire: manipulating both fire and thunder
  5. Illusions: changing form, creating clones, charmspeak
  6. Life: talking with animals, summoning animal spirits and gaining power from them
  7. Water: manipulating any liquid including human blood, manipulating ice
  8. Air: manipulating air, flying
  9. Ink: creating solid objects out of drawings
  10. Earth: manipulating earth (rocks and sand, but metal too)
  11. Sound: casting spells while making music (both by singing and playing an instrument)
  12. Paper: creating shields, weapons and servants with magical paper

Legends tell that there was a 13th element, but no one can tell which kind of powers it gave.

Here's a list of the 10 virtues: Perseverance, Kindness, Rectitude, Bravery, Unity, Trust, Loyalty, Generousity, Individuality and Independence.

There are many transformation items. The Power Cure use the Power Bracelet and say; Power up! Power Cure in action! (パワーアップ!パワーキュアインアクション!Pawāappu! Pawākyuain'akushon!). However, Cure Tiara uses the Power Console and transforms while saying: Power up! Power Console Dress Up! (パワーア)ップ!パワーコンソールドレスアップ!Pawāappu! Pawākonsōrudoresuappu!)


Power Cure

Mariah Dawson / Cure Shadow: A nihilist African-American 14 year old student at Concordia East High School. Mariah lives with Ian, her older brother, after their parents divorced. Mariah is known to be a very lazy girl who can't stand any sport, but she surely isn't stupid. In fact, she manages to get fairly good grades in most of the school subjects with the least effort. She used to be a very passionate and sociable person, but growing up she became less interested in social interaction (although she used to chat with Ryou duing lunch break even before they became Cures) and lost her motivation for almost everything, including art. She tolerates sleeping, eating, reading and watching TV series (especially anime and cartoons). She seldom draws, but it's mainly to keep her hands entertained. She seems to have ADHD, as she is often seen fidgeting and has some problems in paying attention at school and during her missions, but it hasn't been confirmed yet. She is explicitly aromantic asexual and has no problem in admitting it. Even though she doesn't show it, she deeply cares for her team mates and worries about their problems. She becomes Cure Shadow, Cure of Darkness and Unity, using the Power Bracelet. Her weapon is the Shadow Sceptre and her theme colors are purple, black, gray, primary yellow and white Her birthday is on July 14, Mac and Cheese Day.

Nikki Chang / Cure Blaze: Nikki is a 14 year old Chinese-American girl and one of the best students at Concordia East High School and she is also the vice-president of the school council. She excels in every subject and is also really popular, but everyone is too intimidated to approach her as a friend. Nikki is very mature for her age, and she always puts all of her efforts in everything she does, but doesn't mind enjoying some free time with her friends. She is pretty good in martial arts and playing the harp (later on, she's seen playing the bass too alongside Lucas). She would love to become a police officer when she grows up, in hope of making the world a better place, but since her parents want her to be a doctor like them, hides this dream from them in order to make them proud. After a small chat with Lucas, she later decides to be more honest with her parents. She has been confirmed to be pansexual, but has only come out to her friends. She doesn't like breaking rules and she takes her missions very seriously. She becomes Cure Blaze, Cure of Fire and Bravery, usng the Power Bracelet. Her weapons are the Blaze Gauntlets and her theme colors are red, navy blue, black and primary yellow. Her birthday is on September 9, International Day of Beauty.

Ryuu Tanaka/ Cure Roar: A hot-headed 15 year old Japanese-American boy. Ryuu isn't very good at school, mainly because he has dysgraphia, but he is very keen at PE and history. He's also very interested in biology, due to his love for animals. Ryuu is often seen as a criminal, but he only picks fights with bullies, even with the older ones, but never with somebody weaker than him. He is very reckless and tends to follow instinct rather than rules. He often fights with Lucas since he tends not to take anything seriously, but he actually cares for him very deeply. He already knew Mariah before he became part of the team and often chatted with her when they had some free time, despite his introverted personality. He lives with his parents, his younger sister, Chihiro, and his tabby cat, Mango. He wishes to be either a vet or a teacher. He is the captain of the school's baseball team, Concordia's Cheetas, but he is very good at kendo too. He has came out as gay in one of the first episodes and he is very proud of that. He becomes Cure Roar, Cure of Life and Kindness, using the Power Bracelet. His weapon is the Roar Katana and his theme colors are primary yellow, black and golden poppy. His birthday is on October 10, Fight with a Lightsaber Day.

Lucas Garcia / Cure Charming: Lucas is an energetic 14 year old Mexican kid who used to assist Jujube as a mascot. He indeed is a human-ophelian hybrid and a very talented strategist who gave the Power Console to Void in order to save his sibiling's and Jujube's life. That's why Jujube doesn't trust him. However, she later forgives him and they become closer than ever. Lucas possesses a fully human form and a humanoid form, with wolf-like ears and a bushy tail. He is very talented at math and PE, but never takes his studies or his missions seriously and often flirts with civilians (reminds you of someone, doesn't he?), although he can come up with a plan very quickly when needed. He always fights with Ryuu and he "officially" proclaimed him as his rival during a relay race. Despite this, he really seems to care aboute his team mate. Lucas lives with his father and his three sibilings: Julio, Carol (once a former Cure) and Reyna. He also has a Husky dog named Queen. He is really good at acting and playing many instruments. He is seen flirting with both female and male civilians, but his sexuality hasn't been confirmed yet. He becomes Cure Charming, Cure of Illusions and Loyalty, using the Power Bracelet. His weapons are the Charming Revolvers and his theme colors are azure, midnight blue, light turquoise, white and black. His birthday is on March 8, Make Me A Sandwich Day.

Jujube / Judith Belle / Cure Tiara: Jujube is one of the survivors of Ophelia, a pacific planet who was enslaved by Void. Her deepest desire is to finally save Ophelia and finally meet her parents. In fact, she has always been taken of by Selena Newton, the Cure Centre's headmaster, since she was little and she sees her as a parental figure. She became a mascot in order to create the best Cure Team in history, but due to her clumsiness and her bossy attitude, she has always been relocated from one team to another. She has a energy saving form (which resembles a floating eggplant-colored chinchilla) and a humanoid form. She isn't very good at shapeshifting, therefore she hides her ears and tail with hats and dresses. She is very suspicious and doesn't give her trust easily, but being with her team is turning her into a kinder and happier person. She enjoys reading and using make up, but she mainly focuses in helping the Cures with her magic. She initially isn't very good at casting spells (well, actually, she sucks at casting spells, even the basic ones), but she purifies the Power Console with an unknown charm. Her sexuality hasn't been confirmed yet, but she seems to find Wei Scorpius, Selena's new assistant, quite attracting. She becomes Cure Tiara, the Cure of Light and Trust, using the Power Console during the events of "The secret weapon", the first season's finale. Her theme colors are sea foam green, mint leaf, black and white. Her weapon is currently unknown. Her birthday is on May 25, Geek Pride Day.


Britisha: She's the first villain to appear and one of Void's remaining generals. She has a British accent and her appearence resembles Mary Poppins. Britisha takes power from students who have been bullied or have taken a bad grade. Most of the time she acts like a very strict teacher and can't stand those who break rules or "aren't following the system". She uses a black umbrella as a weapon and her attack consist in gusts and tornadoes. She can't stand Mariah because of her laziness and indifference. When it's 5.00 pm, for some mysterious reason, she has to stop whatever she is doing at the moment and take a break for teatime. Her Ghasts usually wear ties and glasses.

Françoise: A very vain and pompous villain, Françoise cares most about her looks and her popularity. She talks using typically French expressions (e.g.: Parbleu!, mon amour, avec plaisir! etc.). Françoise takes power from broken-hearted people and bullies (especially female ones in groups of three like those from TV). She uses her magic to make people fall in love or to make them break up if they aren't respecting her standards. She resembles your typical Barbie-doll, and always carries her smartphone around. For unknown reasons, she is exstremely disgusted by Lucas and Ryuu. She uses her phone and purse as weapons. Françoise once tried to pair up Mariah with someone. She has been lucky to survive. Her Ghasts usually wear pink suits and sunglasses.

Sheriff Buck: A very loud, very smelly villain. He insists on being called "Sheriff" and always carries his guns around. He resembles a classic cowboy (gee, what a surprise), with hat and all. He takes power from his own anger and mainly attacks immigrants, women and young adults who think the system sucks. He treats his companions as inferiors and underestimates them. He thinks technology is one of the Devil's tricks to distract us from "making the universe great again". He uses two guns as weapons and his Ghasts always wear a big cowboy hat. His catch phrase is "What in tarnation!". Mariah and Lucas, being two memelord goblins, find this hilarious.

Ghast: The typical monsters that the Cures fight every now and then. They resemble white gorillas and don't seem to be able to talk.

Orion: Void's second President. He has been frozen by Cure Artemis and his current location is unkown.

Anti Cure: The corrupted form of the Power Console. It takes the form of a teenage boy with turkey red hair and cerise eyes. He acts like a spoiled kid and doesn't like being interrupted. He is one of Void's most successful experiments. He only appears during the events of "The Secret Weapon". His task was to take over the school so the Cures would be trapped in with no chance of surviving. He proclaims himself as "the only Cure worth mentioning". He is able to hypnotize people, including Cures. However, Lucas and Judith seem to be immune to this enchantment, probably due to their alien lignage. After Judith casts a spell on him, they both ascend to the Astral Plane, where Anti explains that he is the guardian spirit of the Power Console and that he now has a bond with Judith. He also warns her that it will come a time where the Cures will face an entity more ancient and powerful than Void and they will have to be able to distinguish their friends from their enemies.

During the very last minutes of "The Secret Weapon", a mysterious figure is seen talking with the generals. They tell them that they've only wasted time and disrespected Orion. Their appearence isn't shown, but they seem to have glowing yellow eyes. Who is this new character?

"Your Average Chat Story"

Green Pine (aka GurinGuran) is currently writing a chat story which explores the ordinary lives of our heroes and is set before the mid-season finale. You can read it here.

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