Power Cure (パワーキュア Pawākyua) is an ironical Pretty Cure fanseries created by user Gurin Guran. Despite being a magical girl/boy anime, it is clearly influenced by shounen anime, occidental cartoons and pop culture. It also speaks about unusual themes for a Pretty Cure series (non-hetero characters,neurodivergent characters, existentialism, constructive nihilism etc.). Its main themes are Weapons, Virtues, Friendship and the Fight Against Homologation. This series has been animated by both Toei Animation and Studio Trigger.



Long ago, the nearby galaxies decided to form The League of Planets, a peaceful organization which aimed to preserve each planet's unicity and independence. However, some planets wanted to conquer all of the universe and to erase all diversities and created the Void Corp., an evil organization who stole many magical items from across the universe in order to gain more and more power. Thus, a team of legendary warriors, the Cure Crusaders, was formed and each of its components defeated their homeworld and recollected the stolen items. But Orion, the very leader of Void, refuged on Earth so he could collect one last item, the Crystal Arc. Luckilly, Cure Artemis, the Cure Crusader from Earth, managed to find the Crystal Arc and used it to freeze Orion. Unfortunately, the spell won't last forever. That's why Artemis founded the Cure Centre, where the Legendary Warriors are trained to fight and protect the Earth from Void's remaining generals until Orion's awakening.

Beginning of the first season

The story takes place in a fictional metropolis called Concordia. Mariah Dawson, a nihilist teenage girl, is walking to school as she usually does, unaware of the ultra-galactic war that took place barely 50 years from the present. Before entering her classroom, she is approached by the new transfer student who was late class just like her. Mrs Owens, the French teacher, commands Mariah to show the new student the school during the lunch break since none of her classmates are willing to do so. Judith Belle, the new students, acts like a spoiled brat and Mariah is already uncapable of standing her. After the last period, Moriah finds a notebook filled with weird annotations with Judith's name on it. She decides to give it back to her despite her brash behavior and starts looking for her. She follows the dark haired girl into an alley where she sees her transforming into a purple floating creature. Both of them freak out. Mariah is starting to run away, but then Judith grabs her wrist and teleports them to Neo Bohème, a hidden Concordia discrict where aliens, humans, and other magical creatures live together in peace and harmony, precisely to the Eastern America's Cure Centre. The duo is immediately escorted to Selena Newton, the Centre's president, who demands an explanation. Judith, whose real name is Jujube, explains her that Mariah has a potential in becoming a Legendary Warrior and begs her to give the human girl a chance. Mariah is reclutant in becoming a magical girl, but then changes her mind when Selena offers her a payment. She later transforms into Cure Shadow, Cure of Darkness and Unity, using the Power Bracalet and defeats esilly Britisha, one of Void's generals who was attacking the Centre, and her Ghast.

Power Cure Alignment and Missions

The Cure's main task is to prevent Void's generals from gaining power, but they also have to collect lost magical items before their enemies do.

The Cure Centre also provides a guide to each Cure Team called "Mascot" that helps them with their quests. They have a humanoid form, which is their true form, a full human form and a energy-saving form. A Mascot can use a magical item to become a Cure if the item has a bond with them.

The Cures all have an Element, a Virtue and a Transformation Item. There are 12 elements:

  1. Darkness: manipulating shadows, creating portals, creating black holes
  2. Light: manipulating light, shooting light rays, absorbing power from others if they're willing to lend them to you
  3. Nature: manipulating plants, gaining powers from plants, communicating with plants
  4. Fire: manipulating both fire and thunder
  5. Illusions: changing form, creating clones, charmspeak
  6. Life: talking with animals, summoning animal spirits and gaining power from them
  7. Water: manipulating any liquid including human blood, manipulating ice
  8. Air: manipulating air, flying
  9. Ink: creating solid objects out of drawings
  10. Earth: manipulating earth (rocks and sand, but metal too)
  11. Sound: casting spells while making music (both by singing and playing an instrument)
  12. Paper: creating shields, weapons and servants with magical paper

Legends tell that there was a 13th element, but no one can tell which kind of powers it gave.

Here's a list of the 10 virtues: Perseverance, Kindness, Rectitude, Bravery, Unity, Trust, Loyalty, Generousity, Integrity and Justice.

There are many transformation items. The Power Cure use the Power Bracelet and say; Power up! Power Cure in action! (パワーアップ!パワーキュアインアクション!Pawāappu! Pawākyuain'akushon!). However, Cure Tiara uses the Power Console and transforms while saying: Power up! Power Console Dress Up! (パワーア)ップ!パワーコンソールドレスアップ!Pawāappu! Pawākonsōrudoresuappu!)


Power Cure

Mariah Dawson / Cure Shadow

Nikki Chang / Cure Blaze

Ryou Tanaka/ Cure Roar

Lucky/ Lucas Garcia / Cure Charming

Jujube / Judith Belle / Cure Tiara

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