UsageTransforms Rei and Yuuhi in Pretty Cure
OwnerMochidzuki Rei
Izumi Yuuhi

The PreChargers are smartphone-like devices that Mochidzuki Rei and Izumi Yuuhi use to transform in Pretty Cure in Super ☆彡Pretty Cure!.


The PreCharges look like a flat device with a large, black screen. A pink or blue pen is attached to the outer part of the PreChargers. The back of it also reminds of a smartphone. The case is mostly white, having black details on it. The details look like an Asian dragon and the eye of the dragon is a silver gem.


The primary power of the PreChargers is to transform the chosen girls into the legendary warriors Pretty Cure. To do that, the girl have to touch the screen with their pens and activate the transformation by shouting "Moon and Sun! Miracle Start!". Then the dragon of the device turns into light and darkness, covering the girls in the light and the transformation starts. In the end, the Cures have to seal the dragon inside the PreCargers once again.

Another power of the PreChargers is to collect the Drops of Light. The Drops of Light also power the PreCharger, as well as the Pretty Cure's powers up, giving them the power of the golden light after all drops are collected.




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