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Precure Flower Shower (Purikyua furawā shawā) is the transformation phrase for Flower Precure.

May, Stella, Natalie, Jessica, Serena and Olivia use this phrase to transform.


The 6 girls appear in a circle with an aura around them each with their respective colour (for example: pink for May), then they split into their different transformations.

Cure Tulip:

May first spins and then her dress is formed. Then she waves the ribbon in the air and her hair turns from blonde to pink and is tied up with a hairband. Her eyes then change colour from blue to pink. Her earrings then appear and she lands on her feet where hearts emerge from the floor and says her introduction.

Cure Bluebell:

Stella holds her Flower Ribbon in the air and a blue surge covers her body where her dress is then formed. She then punches the air where the surge then turns hair blue and her eye colour changes from green to blue. She then lands on her feat where bolts emerge from the floor and says her introduction.





All: Flower Ribbon set!

All: Precure Flower Shower!

Cure Tulip: The pink flower of love! Cure Tulip!

Cure Bluebell: The blue flower of courage! Cure Bluebell!

Cure Daffodil: The yellow flower of hope! Cure Daffodil!

Cure Lilac: The purple flower of wisdom! Cure Lilac!

Cure Marigold: The orange flower of the heart's melody! Cure Marigold!

Cure Poppy: The red flower of memories! Cure Poppy!

All: With the love and hope of the flowers! We are the Flower Precure!


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