Pretty Cure! Changing Accelerando! (プリキュア!チェンジング・アッチェレランド!Purikyua! Chenjingu・Atchererando!) is the official transformation phrase used by the Cures in Melodia Pretty Cure♫. In order to activate the transformation, Kiseki and Kumiko must have their Melodia Necklaces and Melodia Ribbons.

List of Sequences and First Appearances

Cure Wonder and Cure Eternal --> Episode 1


The Melodia Necklaces begin to shine, and Kiseki and Kumiko grab each other's hand, which makes their clothes turn into shining dresses. They then shout "Pretty Cure! Changing Accelerando!", and place the Melodia Ribbon on the necklaces. Their necklaces shine and create two mirrors for the two girls to walk into. Their respective mirror shines in their respective theme color and the transformation begins. Firstly, Kiseki and Kumiko's hair grows longer and their outfits appear. Kiseki twirls around and her chest bow and back bow appear in a flash of pink sparkles, followed by more pink sparkles that surround around her legs to create her socks. More pink sparkles appear and bounce around her waist to create the ribbon that keeps the back bow in place. Kumiko raises her right arm, which causes a glowing blue ribbon to wrap around her arm, which creates her arm bracelet. Ribbons wrap around her legs, and she taps her feet together to create her sandals. She then flips her fringe, which causes a small blue glow from her forehead. The glow becomes a diamond, and silver pearls appear from it to create her forehead tiara. Kiseki taps her chest three times to make her necklace appear, and she opens it and touches the button inside to make her hair style change. She snaps the necklace close and jumps in the sky and taps her heels together to allow her boots to appear in pink sparkles. Kumiko snaps her fingers to make her necklace appear, and she opens it and touches the button inside to make her hair style change and she snaps the necklace close. As Kiseki presses her necklace to her chest bow, her hair bows and choker appear in pink sparkles and her necklace turns into a pink heart brooch. The fading sparkles drift up to her ears to create her earrings. Kumiko then puts her necklace to her side, which creates a white bow with a blue diamond on it. The two girls step out of their mirrors to join each other again and they spin and pose. They introduce them self then grab each other's hands and strike their final pose.



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