Pretty Cure, Electric Shock! (プリキュア、エレトリクーショック! Purikyua, Erekutorikku Shokku!?) is the official transformation phrase used by the Cures in Electric Shock Pretty Cure!. In order to activate their transformation, they need their Electronic Bracelets.

List of Sequences and First Appearances


Liona to Cure Cable

Opalite to Cure Bolt

Vivian to Cure Neutron

Ebony to Cure Techno

Diane to Cure Surge




All: プリキュア、エレトリクーショック!
Cure Cable: 愛の電気ピンクのハート!キュアケーブル!
Cure Bolt: 信仰の電気黄色のクローバー!キュアボルト!
Cure Neutron: 知恵の電気ブルーダイヤモンド!キュアネウツロンー!
Cure Techno: 喜びの電気紫色スペード!キュアテクノ!
Cure Surge: 情熱の電気赤い星!キュアサージ!
All: 一緒に、私たちの技術の心に遊ばせて!エレトリクーショックプリキュア!


All: Purikyua, Erekkutoriku Shokku!
Cure Cable: Ai no denki pinku no hato! Kyua Keburu!
Cure Bolt: Shinko no denki kiiro no kuroba! Kyua Boruto!
Cure Neutron: Chie no denki buru daiyamondo! Kyua Neuturon!
Cure Techno: Yorokobi no denki muasakkiro supedo! Kyua Tekuno!
Cure Surge: Jonetsu no denki akai hoshi! Kyua Saji!
All: Issho ni, watashitachi no gijutsu no kokoro ni asoba shite! Erekutorikku Shokku Purikyua!


All: Pretty Cure, Electric Shock!
Cure Cable: The Electric Pink Heart of Love! Cure Cable!
Cure Bolt: The Electric Yellow Clover of Faith! Cure Bolt!
Cure Neutron: The Electric Blue Diamond of Wisdom! Cure Neutron!
Cure Techno: The Electric Violet Spade of Joy! Cure Techno!
Cure Surge: The Electric Red Star of Passion! Cure Surge!
All: Together, Let the Play in the Hearts of our Technology! Electric Shock Pretty Cure!


  • The transformation shares some similarities from Dokidoki 's transformations.
  • The transformation speech was reversed from the name of the season.

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