Pretty Cure, Flowers Open Up! (プリキュア, フラワーズオープンアップ! Purikyua, Furawāzu Opun Appu ?) is the official transformation phrase used by the Cures in Spring Flowers Pretty Cure. In order to activate their transformation, they need their Spring Mirrors.

List of Sequences and First Appearances

Cure Rosebud --> Episode 1

Cure Lotus --> Episode 2

Cure Rosebud & Cure Lotus --> Episode 3

Cure Camellia --> Episode 3

Cure Rosebud, Cure Lotus & Cure Camellia --> Episode 4

Cure Sunflower --> Episode 5

Cure Rosebud, Cure Lotus, Cure Camellia & Cure Sunflower --> Episode 6


Moka to Cure Rosebud

Moka shouts "Pretty Cure!" while her outfit becomes a short flowing shining red dress and hair becoming loose. As she shouts "Flowers Open Up!!" she makes a rose on the mirror's surface with the stylus which quickly lets out a storm of rose petals. Moka crosses her arms in front of her chest, and petals surround them to form her arm protectors. She spins around as the petals come to form her outfit then in a burst of flames it appears. Rose petals quickly gather at her feet and Moka taps her feet together to gain shoes as the rose petals burst into flames. She throws her hair back making it longer and turn from gray to silver which is put into a ponytail with a rose headpiece. Her earrings and chocker appears as she places the Spring Mirror on her right hip and a carrying case encases it. Cure Rosebud lands on the ground and says her introduction before striking a pose.

Renge to Cure Lotus

Tsubaki to Cure Camellia

Himawari to Cure Sunflower



All: プリキュア, フラワーズオープンアップ!
Cure Rosebud: 火の赤い花!キュアローズバッド!
Cure Lotus: 水のターコイズの花!キュアロータス!
Cure Camellia: 風のピンクの花!キュアカメリア!
Cure Sunflower: 光の黄色花は!キュアサンフラワー!
All: 私たちの永遠の咲くの気持ち!
All: スプリングフラワープリキュア!


Cure Rosebud: Hi no akai hana! Kyua Rōzubaddo!
Cure Lotus: Mizu no tākoizu no hana! Kyua Rōtasu!
Cure Camellia: Kaze no pinku no hana! Kyua Kameria!
Cure Sunflower: Hikari no kiiro hana! Kyua Sanfurawā!
All: Watashitachi no eien no saku no kimochi!
All: Supuringu Furawā Purikyua!


Cure Rosebud: The red flower of fire! Cure Rosebud!
Cure Lotus: The turqouise flower of water! Cure Lotus!
Cure Camellia: The pink flower of wind! Cure Camellia!
Cure Sunflower: The yellow flower of light! Cure Sunflower!
All: Our everlasting blooming feelings!
All: Spring Flowers Pretty Cure!


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