Pretty Cure All Stars Dimensions: Yoake no Ryūseigun
Pretty Cure All Stars Dimensions: Daybreak Meteor Shower
General Information
Created on10/26/16
DirectorHarajuku Arissa
Movie Info
SeriesFutari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star

Yes! Precure 5! GoGo

Fresh Precure

Heartcatch Precure

Suite Precure

Smile Precure

DokiDoki Precure

Happiness Charge Precure

Go! Princess Precure

Mahou Tsukai Precure

Starry Cosmic Love Precure!

OpeningShooting Stars in the Sky!
InsertLost in the Sky! The Shine of Pretty Cures!
EndingDaybreak Meteor Shower! Chase Your Dreams!
Pretty Cure All Stars Dimensions: Yoake no Ryūseigun (プリキュアオールスターズ寸法:夜明け流星群 Purikyuaōrusutāzu sunpō: Yoake ryūsei-gun) is the first All-Stars movie created by Harajuku Arissa. The Starry Cosmic Love Precure (Except for Cure Cosmos) make their first movie appearance.


As the Sakura Festival is approaching, Amanatia Academy has decided to give the students their semester break to allow the students to enjoy the event. As Kyla and Alyssa were walking outside school grounds, they encounter a Chaostica, who is wrecking havoc near the academy. Transforming into Cure Forever and Cure Eternal respectively, the Chaostica quickly stopped moving, before finally disintegrating into a golden light. As the Chaostica disappeared, it left behind an invitation. They opened the letter, but they got confused when there was no paper. The envelope quickly turned into a holographic message device, showing a man and a woman, who were dressed in regal clothing. The man and the woman invited the Cures to the Kingdom of Kofuku because a festival is about to be held there. Going back to their dorms, Kyla and Alyssa became excited...


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