This is a list of hilarious clips from the end of the Pretty Cure All Stars Miracle 2: Kokoro No Subete No Tomodachi movie.

List (in order)

Clip # Focused Cure/s Funny Part Main Team
01 Kaido Minami & Haruno Haruka Minami thought that something might scare her, until Haruka scared her. Go! Princess Pretty Cure
02 Chinen Akemi Akemi summoned an arrow made of fire, but slipped on a banana peel. Season Heart Pretty Cure!
03 Kurumi Erika Erika was sliding down a slide, but banged into the camera person. HeartCatch Pretty Cure!
04 Misumi Nagisa Nagisa was attacking an enemy, but missed and fell. Futari Wa Pretty Cure Max Heart
05 Hino Akane & Hoshizora Miyuki Akane and Miyuki were talking, until Akane hit Miyuki on the head, and Miyuki fell. Smile Pretty Cure!
06 Nishimura Kelly Kelly was singing her purification song, but an enemy joined in singing. Wedding Love Pretty Cure!
07 Fukui Emiko Emiko was summoning her lightning, but the lightning electricuted her. Heartful Shine Pretty Cure
08 Hojo Hibiki Hibiki was with the Cures singing the Melody of Happiness, but she hit a wrong note. Suite Pretty Cure

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