Pretty Cure Dream Stars DX: Secrets Of The Magic Jewels And Sweets
General Information
Created onNovember 1st, 2016
Original ReleaseMarch 2019
Movie Info
SeriesGo! Princess Pretty Cure

Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! Kira Kira Pretty Cure A La Mode! Sun Moon Pretty Cure! Delight Jewel Pretty Cure!

OpeningSparkling and Cute! The Great Pretty Cure Gathering♪ ~Dream Stars Version~
EndingPretty Cure, Sugar Rush!!!
Pretty Cure Dream Stars DX: Secrets Of The Magic Jewels And Sweets is a fanmade Pretty Cure Dream Stars crossover created by MagicalGirlAnimeFan.




Supporting Characters



(Toei Animation logo shows up)

(The camera zooms in to Alana ad Syl)

Alana: Oh boy, look at this place!

Syl: Yeah, isn't it beautiful?

Alana: Yeah!

Alana: Huh?

(Alana falls and sees Hi in her eyes)

Hi: Are you alright?

Alana: Yeah, i'm fine

Hi: What's your name?

Alana: My name is Alana

Hi: Oh, mine is Hi

Hi: Wanna meet my friends?

Alana: Yeah!

Hi: Meet my friends. Their names are, Sora, Amaterasu, And Kaguya

Alana: OK

(Alana goes back to Syl)

Syl: Hey Alana, there's more girls who want to meet you

Alana: OK

All Cures (Exept for The Sun Moon cures and Delight Jewel cures): Hi new girl!

Alana: Hi there

(Alana waves at the cures saying hello to her)

(Opening Plays)

(Monsters appear)

Alana/Syl: Oh no!

Alana: We gotta transform now!

Haruka/Minami/Kirara/Towa: Pretty Cure. Princess Engage!

Mirai/Riko: Cure Up Ra Pa Pa! Miracle・Magical・Jewelryle!

Kotoha: Cure Up Ra Pa Pa! Felice・Fun Fun・Flowerle!

TBA/TBA/TBA/TBA/TBA: Pretty Cure. Sweet Change!

Hi/Sora/Amaterasu/Kaguya: Pretty Cure, Sun Moon Makeover!

Alana/Syl: Pretty Cure, Jewel Sweet Makeover!

(All cures transform)

Cure Flora: Princess of the Flourishing Flowers! Cure Flora!

Cure Mermaid: Princess of the crystal clear seas! Cure Mermaid!

Cure Twinkle: Princess of the twinkling stars! Cure Twinkle!

Cure Scarlet: Princess of crimson flames! Cure Scarlet!

Cure Miracle: Our Miracle! Cure Miracle!

Cure Magical: Our Magic! Cure Magical!

Cure Felice: Our blessings to live far and wide! Cure Felice!

Cure Strawberry: Our pink candy! Cure Strawberry!

Cure Orange: Our orange candy! Cure Orange!

Cure Banana: Our yellow candy! Cure Banana!

Cure Lime: Our green candy! Cure Lime!

Cure Blueberry: Our blue candy! Cure Blueberry!

Cure Sun: The Power Of Sun! Cure Sun!

Cure Moon: The Power Of Moon! Cure Moon!

Cure Morning: The Power Of Morning! Cure Morning!

Cure Evening: The Power Of Evening! Cure Evening!

Cure Ruby: The Power Of Jewels! Cure Ruby!

Cure Vanilla: The Power Of Sweets! Cure Vanilla!

All: We Are Pretty Cure Dream Stars DX!!!

Cure Ruby: I hear the secrets of The Magic Jewels And Sweets!

Cure Vanilla: Oh Boy!

Cure Sun: OK, now it's time to... Tell the secrets!

All: Huh?

All: (Screaming)

Cure Ruby: OK.

All Leader Cures: Time to set up the power!

All cures: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh................!!!!!!!!!!!

(An explosion booms)

Cure Ruby/Cure Vanilla: The day is saved

(Silent for 15 seconds)

Alana: Finally. Were back to normal!

Syl: Yeah, we are back to normal

Alana: Hey look! A concert!

(Ending Plays)

(Shows a logo that says "The End")

End of transcript!

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