Prince Jewel Key
Purinsu Jueru Kī
AppearanceEpisode 01
UsageTo start transformations, attack, and free peoples' dreams
OwnerHappy! Prince Pretty Cures
AbilitiesFire, Light, Thunder, Wind, Water/Ice
Group AttackNone
The Prince Jewel Keys (プリンスジュエルキー Purinsu Jueru Kī?) are the main collectible items for the Happy! Prince PreCure season. The Prince Jewel Keys come in the Cures' respective gemstones, which allows the boys to transform into their Cure Forms once inserted into their Prince Link. Once all of the Prince Jewel Keys are collected, their power goes straight to the Pegasus Kingdom.


The Prince Jewel Keys have the ability to unlock the Prince Link to enable the boys' transformations. They are also used to free people from their crystalline caskets and restore their dreams that were taken by the Tempest Kingdom as well as perform their first finishing attacks. The Prince Jewel Keys come in the Cures' respective colors, gemstones, and elemental abilities and once all of the Prince Jewel Keys are collected, their power goes to the Pegasus Kingdom.

Newer Prince Jewel Keys:  the Ruby, Rose Quartz, Topaz, Peridot, and Tanzanite Keys are used for the Crystal Prince Swords and perform the Royal Infinity Guard finishing attack. The Sunstone, Rubellite, Citrine, Chrome, and Aquamarine Prince Jewel Keys are used to perform the Five Star Explosion finishing attack. Five new keys: Suzaku, Nova, Raijin, Aquila, and Poseidon were given to by the previous Prince Pretty Cures, allowing them to transform into their Grand Forms and perform the Grand Rainbow Finale finishing attack, followed by the Chimera, Fairy, Kitsune, Epona, and Wyvern, to transform into their Grand Silhouette Forms and perform their, Grand Eternal Chevalerie finishing attack. The Grand Prince Jewel Keys can only be activated by the Royal Prism Castle .



  • The Prince Jewel Keys function the same as the Dress Up Keys from Go! Princess PreCure.

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