Princess Alma
Purinsesu Aruma
Personal Info
SeasonSeason Heart Pretty Cure!
Hair ColorGreen
Eye ColorGreen
FamilyPrince Viper (twin brother)
Home PlaceLand of Dragons
First AppearanceSeason Heart Pretty Cure!: Doragonzu No Tochi De Nazo!
Voice Actor(s)Ohashi Nozomi
Pretty Cure Info
Theme ColorGreen
Princess Alma (プリンセスアルマ Purinsesu Aruma) is a character who appears in the Season Heart Pretty Cure!: Doragonzu No Tochi De Nazo! movie. She lives with her brother, Prince Viper, in the Land of Dragons.


Alma resembles a small green-scaled dragon with green wings. She has a gold tiara with a griffin's head on it, which is worn on her head. She also has green eyes.


Volcano's First Appearance

After Volcano had attacked the Land of Dragons, Alma and her brother, Viper, revealed why Volcano was attacking. One day, when Alma and Viper were kids, they were playing together happily, until Volcano showed up. Volcano, jealous of all the love everywhere, and told the royal dragon twins that he had vowed to crush it all. Viper tried to get Volcano to leave them alone, but Volcano froze the twins and captured them! The King and Queen of the Land of Dragons tried to stop him, and succeeded, but when Volcano left, he dropped the twins, and they crashed hard. Both of the twins' wings were broken, and when they healed, Viper happily began flying again, but Alma refused, and over time, forgot how to fly.


Alma is the princess of the Land of Dragons and twin sister to Prince Viper. She is friendly, caring and shy, and is shown to be the most intelligent of the royal dragon twins. During the battle with Volcano, it is revealed that Alma is the one who weaves the future, and decides how long someone's life will be.

Abilities & Powers

Like every other dragon, Alma can breathe fire, and can use her wings to fly, though she has not for a few years. Alma can also weave the future, and determines how long a life will be.


Alma's voice actress, Ohashi Nozomi, has only participated in one song, which is for the official movie. She sings it with Hirano Aya, the voice actress for Koizumi Hana, and Doi Hiroki, the voice actor for Prince Viper.




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