Prism Commune
is part of the Prism Pretty Cure! Series and belongs to Infinity Mirai

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The Prism Commune (プリズムコミューン Purizumu Komyūn?) is the device that Frore, Tiara, Pearl and Castor reside in and activate. It looks like a touch screen phone, which the girls use to transform into Pretty Cure, using the Cure Icon pieces. The Prism Commune is able to store duplicated Jewel Hearts and use the items inside.


The Prism Commune helps the Cures to transform into Pretty Cure and collect duplicated Jewel Hearts and active the items within them. When they are transformed, the Communes are kept at their hips in small purse-like pouches.


The Prism Commune looks like a pink and white colored touch screen smartphone with a black screen. It has four small heart-shaped buttons on it, all of them colored with either pink, yellow, blue and red, the theme colors of the Cures. The top of the Prism Commune has pink jewel on the right which is the top of a detachable pen. There is a slot that slides out from inside the commune where the Cure Icon is placed, and the screen changes depending which Cure Icon is placed on the Prism Commune.


  • It is similar to the Lovely Commune, Smile Pact and Heart Perfume as different Jewel Hearts can be placed on it and they create different effects, just like the Cure Loveads/Cure Decors/Heart Seeds can be placed on the Lovely Commune/Smile Pact/Heart Perfume and they make different effects.


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