Prism Pretty Cure! (プリズムプリキュア! Purizumu Puri Kyua!?) is Infinity Mirai's Pretty Cure series, produced from the Pretty Cure series owned by Toei Animation. Pretty Cure is usually a group of girls who transform into powerful warriors and fight against evil. The numbers of the Cures usually go from two to eight. The girls also get supported by little mascots that help them in their adventures.

Prism Pretty Cure!

The Prism Pretty Cure! Series starts with the four main Cures in that appear in Prism Pretty Cure!. Each of the Cures reperesent a color and holds special powers, which they can use to fight. The Cures transform by using the Prism Communes and the Cure Icons. Their transformation phrase is "Pretty Cure! Prism Set!".

The Pretty Cure

  • Yukimura Aiko
    • The leader of the team. Aiko is a thirteen years old girl who is cheerful, caring, and kind, though she succumbs to loneliness easily. She controls the power of Love and is represented by it.
  • Mitsue Sayuri
    • The second cure to join the team. Sayuri is a childish but very trusty worthy, always finding the need in protecting her friends. She controls the power of the Sun and is represented by Happiness.
  • Kawasaki Aoi
    • The third cure to join the team. Aoi is a straightforward and elegant fourteen year old girl, who is seen to have a lot self-confidence in herself. She controls the power of Water and is represented by Hope.
  • Akanishi Ren
    • The last cure to join the team. Ren is a passionate and diligent person when trying to achieve her dreams. She is also a member of the judo club. She controls the power of Fire and is represented by Passion.
  • Shadow Infinity
    • The corrupted form of Yukimura Aiko aka Cure Infinity. She appears in episodes 43 to 48.
  • Shadow Pretty Cure!
    • The evil duplicated forms of the rest of the Cures, created from fusing their powers within black orbs. They appear in episodes 46 to 47.

Transformation Speech


All: プリキュア! プリズムセット​​!

Cure Infinity: 永遠の愛! キュアインフィニティ!
Cure Sparkle: スパークリング幸せ! キュアスパークル!
Cure Crystal: 輝くホープ! キュアクリスタル!
Cure Blaze: ブレイジングパッション! キュアブレイズ!

All: 歌う! 私たちの心内の光! プリズムプリキュア!


All: Puri Kyua! Purizumu Setto!

Cure Infinity: Eien no Ai! Kyua Infiniti!
Cure Sparkle: Supākuringu Shiawase! Kyua Supākuru!
Cure Crystal: Kagayaku Hōpu! Kyua Kurisutaru!
Cure Blaze: Bureijingu Passhon! Kyua Bureizu!

All: Utau! Watashitachi no kokoro-nai no hikari! Purizumu Puri Kyua!


All: Pretty Cure! Prism Set!

Cure Infinity: Infinite Love! Cure Infinity!
Cure Sparkle: Sparkling Happiness! Cure Sparkle!
Cure Crystal: Glistening Hope! Cure Crystal!
Cure Blaze: Blazing Passion! Cure Blaze!

All: Sing! The light within our hearts! Prism Pretty Cure!

Prism Pretty Cure! 5 ★s

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