Purity Crystal Harp
Puriti Kurisutaru Hāpu
AppearanceEpisode 19
UsageTo purify their target and the area around the Cures
OwnerThe Heartful Shine Pretty Cure team
AbilitiesIts music can purify anything.
Group AttackAmazing Pure Crystal Attack
The Purity Crystal Harp (純度クリスタルハープ Puriti Kurisutaru Hāpu) is a magical item wielded by the Cures in Heartful Shine Pretty Cure. The harp gives the Cures each a pair of butterfly wings and allows them to perform their first group attack - Amazing Pure Crystal Attack. The Purity Crystal Harp first appeared in Episode 19.


The Purity Crystal Harp looks like a normal harp with pink edges, and has golden strings. When strummed, the Purity Crystal Harp makes soundwaves with crystal notes coming out of it.


  • Amazing Pure Crystal Attack
  • Butterfly wings for the Cures
  • Purifying an area and target


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